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Thanksgiving Wine Pairings

Thanksgiving is upon us. Is all of your family coming to town? Were you supposed to have been cleaning the house two weeks ago? Are you short on time? Here is a quick, easy list of wines and beers, that pair well with each major Thanksgiving dish. Print this out for your shopping ease. (Don’t forget to get Grandpa a nice stout, and make sure to get something that appeals to your picky Aunt.)

Turkey and Cranberry Sauces:
– Pinot Gris
– Chardonnay
– Cotes du Rhone or GSM blends
– Beaujolais or Gamay
– Nebbiolo
– Farmhouse Ale
– IPA for fried turkey
– Hefeweizen or Witbier for cranberry sauce or jelly

– Valpolicella
– Zinfandel
– Merlot
– California Pinot Noir
– Lager

Gravy and Stuffing:
– Burgundy or Oregon Pinot Noir for mushroom gravy
– Chinon or Cabernet Franc for turkey gravy
– Pinot Grigio for onion gravy
– Sherry for stuffing
– Muscadet or Picpoul for oyster stuffing
– Witbier for oyster stuffing

Gourds and Greens:
– Gruner Veltliner for asparagus and brussels sprouts
– Sauvignon Blanc for green beans
– Vouvray for sweeter squash (Acorn, Butternut, Delicata, etc.)
– Pilsner for greens
– Gose or Sours for pickled vegetables

Corn and ‘Taters (sweet or mashed):
– Chardonnay
– Pinot Gris
– Riesling for marshmallow sweet potatoes
– Brown Ale for mashed potatoes

Pies and Dessert:
– Riesling or Cider for apple pie
– Beerenauslese or Sauternes for pumpkin pie
– Madeira for pecan pie
– Port for Chocolate Cake or cream pie
– Stout for Chocolate-based desserts
– Oktoberfests or Belgian Ales for pies with spice

We will have a rotating selection of these items, so don’t hesitate to come visit me for personalized suggestions. I welcome the food pairing challenge if you and your relatives have an ‘unusual’ family tradition.

– Laura, Fearrington Sommelier