Live in Fearrington Village

Living in Fearrington is deeply enriching; people often ascribe this to our sense of place and friendly community.

We have a team of professionals — Real Estate agents, an on-site architect, a selections manager, and a great construction crew — dedicated to helping you find or build the perfect forever home. Fearrington Village is a true neighborhood, a true community, where you’ll see your fellow homeowners walking the trails, picking up mail at their kiosk, grabbing a cup of coffee, indulging in a spa day or shopping spree at the unique local shops, all steps from your door. Come for a visit!

A spacious, well-lit modern living room and kitchen area with beige sofas, a glass coffee table, and a red patterned rug. The room features large windows with white shutters, wooden floors, and light-colored walls. A kitchen island and stainless steel range hood are visible in the background. Fearrington Village
A charming garden scene featuring a vintage black water fountain surrounded by lush green plants and vibrant flowers. In the background, there is a quaint gray house with white trim, partially obscured by greenery and blooming trees. A walkway leads to the house. Fearrington Village

The Fearrington House Inn, Restaurant & Spa

Indulge in the luxury of a Fearrington stay. Book a spa treatment, an Afternoon Tea reservation, and dinner with wine pairings, then kick back and relax in your well-appointed inn room. Curl up by a fire in winter, or lounge by the outdoor pool in summer with a picnic from The Belted Goat. Take a leisurely walk or hike, shop at the unique local boutiques and independent bookstore. Enjoy award-winning cocktails at the Fearrington House Restaurant Bar or outside overlooking the cows in the pasture by the iconic Adirondack chairs. Sleep soundly then start your day bright and early with a gourmet breakfast. Even if you’re just miles away from home, you’ll feel like you’re in a different world.

The Fearrington Village Center

The front of the Fearrington Village building features large windows with displayed listings and a central door with a flower pot on brick steps. The sign reads "Fearrington Village," and there is a smaller sign in the window advertising weddings. Fearrington Village
Real Estate

Our real estate sales team of Fitch Creations, Inc. welcomes all potential residents of Fearrington Village to explore our current listings and available homesites. Fearrington Village is a wonderful place to live or retire, as our team is dedicated to helping you find your forever home.

A white two-story colonial-style house with black shutters, tall columns, and a central entrance. A brick pathway leads up to the front door, surrounded by well-maintained greenery and lush foliage in the front garden. The sky is clear and blue. Fearrington Village
The Inn & Restaurant

The Fearrington House Inn & Restaurant serves a variety of purposes. Our restaurant offers a chance to fine dine and sip on a handcrafted beverage from the bar or glass of wine. If you’d rather stay awhile, spend a night (or a few) at our highly-rated inn that combines luxury and southern elegance to complete your memorable trip.

An outdoor wedding reception setup features round tables with white tablecloths and chairs on a stone-paved courtyard. String lights hang above, and a rustic barn is in the background. Guests gather near the entrance, and surrounding greenery enhances the charming scene. Fearrington Village
The Barn at Fearrington Village

At the entrance of the Village Center, our vintage barn houses many special events all year round for larger gatherings. From the market lights hanging in the trees to the beautiful twig chandeliers and full-service accommodations inside, our events team can make your dream wedding or event come true.

A picturesque outdoor setting featuring a pavilion with large windows surrounded by lush green trees and foliage. The area is adorned with a brick-paved pathway leading to the pavilion, which suggests a serene and inviting atmosphere perfect for events or gatherings. Fearrington Village
The Garden Terrace

The Garden Terrace, just outside The Fearrington House, includes a covered pavilion with a brick patio. It can be seasonally enclosed and heated, making it a beautifully comfortable event space year round. Its dramatic stone fireplace adds to its coziness and elegance as one of Fearrington Village’s popular venues.

A quaint outdoor scene features a charming bookstore called "McIntyre's Books" with a white façade and green trim. There are benches and brick paths surrounded by lush greenery, trees, and small shrubs, leading towards other buildings in the background. Fearrington Village
McIntyre’s Books

A storied indie bookstore since 1989, McIntyre’s is the quintessential place to get lost in a good book. Our employees are expert readers and are happy to share their favorite selections if you’re looking for something to read. This cozy bookstore also has other unique finds and gifts for children and adults.

A charming storefront with a white picket fence and brick pathway leading to the entrance. The sign above the door reads "decocote." The building has large windows, a shingled roof, and is flanked by trees. A vintage bicycle is parked on the right. Fearrington Village
Dovecote, Nest, & Sprout

Dovecote, a women’s clothing store, stocks luxe fashion pieces including shoes, accessories, and handbags to complete any outfit. Our personal stylists are here to help you find your own style. Nest is a home decor shop with many giftable items, gadgets, kitchenware, and more. Sprout offers a selection of newborn, infant, and toddler finds such as outfits, books, and toys for the little ones in your life.

the spa at fearrington
The Spa at Fearrington

The Spa at Fearrington is a complete oasis with full-service selections and packages. Located in the Village Center, our spa also holds a boutique where you can find the best products to purchase and pamper yourself at home. Our team of skilled, experienced staff will welcome you and give you the attention you deserve for a relaxing visit.

A quaint restaurant with a brick pathway leading to the entrance. Diners sit at tables beneath a pergola on the right, enjoying a sunny day. Lush greenery, trees, and a well-maintained garden surround the area. A sign near the pathway displays the restaurant's name. Fearrington Village
The Belted Goat

Swing by The Belted Goat for a bite to eat or a latte to enjoy! This casual dining spot offers a variety of snacks and meals to satisfy your appetite any time of the day. Don’t miss our Belted Goat Wine Shop, full of select bottles of wines and Fearrington finds from hats, mugs, totes, and more.

A small cottage-style building with beige siding and dark shutters. A sign above the door reads "The Roost." The entrance has a ramp and steps leading to it, with potted plants placed around the area. A black sign on the railing reads "Please do not climb ramp. Fearrington Village
Roost Beer Garden

Look no further than Roost Beer Garden for hand-tossed pizza with fresh ingredients and an ice-cold beer on tap. You’ll fall in love with this outdoor dining option at Fearrington Village with our delicious wood-fired pizzas and local brews.

A picturesque garden features a central fountain surrounded by green lawns and flower beds. White pergolas frame the garden, and two large, white traditional-style houses with dark roofs and blue window shutters stand in the background under a partly cloudy sky. Fearrington Village
The Gardens

The gardens and grounds at Fearrington Village are well-maintained and always impressive. Around every corner, our visitors can find a blooming bush or groomed evergreen. The intricately-designed gardens are the perfect place to take a stroll and explore the grounds at Fearrington Village.

Kind Words

Want to get away from it all? Make a day of it. Take your family to Fearrington Village. Beautiful walking path. Bucolic farm. Great shops. Amazing restaurants. It’s all here…step into Pleasantville and leave your worries behind.``
A sunlit porch with white columns and black-and-white striped cushions on black metal chairs. The stone floor is shaded by overhanging trees, and the evening sun casts long shadows. Lush greenery and white hydrangeas surround the area. Fearrington Village
An old white barn with a metal roof stands in a rural area, surrounded by grass and dirt. A tall silo is visible in the background, along with a large tree next to the barn. The scene is bathed in warm sunlight, evoking a peaceful, rustic atmosphere. Fearrington Village

A Long History of Excellence in Hospitality

Fearrington Village has been welcoming guests since 1974. We have a history of making others feel like they’re home as soon as they step onto our property. We’re proud of our rich history that’s made Fearrington Village what it is today.

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