The Fearrington Community
Our community is like no other.

Fearrington Village is one of the best places to live in the Triangle. Our residents come from all over the world and are active members of our community. Fearrington has grown in a slow, thoughtful way that emphasizes community and natural surroundings along with outstanding home design. Learn more about what our neighbors love most about Fearrington Village.

Resident Stories

We enjoy the sense that we belong. It’s not just another place to live, it’s a real community. Many of the residents are fascinating people who have been places and done things, and they are always happy to share their experiences. It is the easiest place to make friends that we’ve ever lived.

-Tom and Debbie Liebtag

Resident Clubs

Our community offers dozens of resident clubs & activities.

Fearrington’s residents are a huge part of what makes Fearrington special. With diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests, there are a wealth of opportunities for newcomers to make friendships. Dozens of resident clubs, volunteer opportunities and local events mean shared interests are not hard to come by. Many clubs and activities meet at The Gathering Place, where the Fearrington Homeowners Association is located and where speakers often visit.

Meet The Fitch Creations Real Estate Team

Our team is ready to help you find your forever home.

The Fitch Creations Real Estate Team is the only on-site real estate agency in Fearrington Village. We have been building, selling, and working in the village since its start nearly 50 years ago. We know the houses and the neighborhoods best. When you buy or build in Fearrington you have not just one agent behind you, but a team of professionals that take care of all the details.



We’re here to introduce you to Fearrington, the award-winning community we’ve been crafting for over 40 years. Contact us to tour the community, visit homes for sale, talk about new home construction, or just to learn more about Fearrington.

We’re the only real estate sales agency located in Fearrington, and because we built every home at Fearrington, no one knows the community better.

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