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Our Community

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Our community is what distinguishes Fearrington Village as one of the best places to live in the Triangle. Now comprised of nearly 2,000 residents, Fearrington Village is large enough to offer a diverse range of neighborhoods yet small enough to retain a strong sense of community. When R.B. and Jenny Fitch purchased the farm from Jesse Fearrington in 1974, they named the property Fearrington Village to honor the stewardship of Jesse and his forebears. Soon after, the Fitches received permission to create one of North Carolina’s first planned developments. Fearrington has steadily grown over the past 40 years, giving it an established and friendly feel.

“We’ve taken it slowly; we’ve not been in a big hurry. We’ve tried to let it evolve the way communities evolved years ago. You’d have maybe one business built and then a while before another — it didn’t happen all at one time. It tends to build a little character. It gets a little patina if you take it a little slower.” – R.B. Fitch

Fearrington’s residents are a huge part of what makes Fearrington special. With diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests, there are a wealth of opportunities for newcomers to make friendships. Dozens of resident clubs, volunteer opportunities and local events mean shared interests are not hard to come by. Many clubs and activities meet at The Gathering Place, where the Fearrington Homeowners Association is located and where speakers often visit.

Camden Park

Camden Park

“We enjoy the sense that we belong,” said residents Tom and Debbie Liebtag. “It’s not just another place to live, it’s a real community. Many of the residents are fascinating people who have been places and done things, and they are always happy to share their experiences. It is the easiest place to make friends that we’ve ever lived.”

With miles of walking paths and trails winding throughout the community, Fearrington offers easy, social and fun ways to stay fit. The Duke Center for Living is a comprehensive wellness facility including physical therapists. The Fearrington Homeowners Association and the Swim & Croquet Club offer summertime activities, and many types of resident-led clubs. The Spa at Fearrington is also readily available in the Village Center.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Fearrington’s community offers, such as our resident-led not-for-profit Fearrington Cares, our weekly Farmer’s Market or our other community offerings, contact our sales team. Our on-site sales team is located in the Fitch Creations, Inc. office in the Village Center. “I’ve been ‘selling’ folks on Fearrington for over 30 years, but living here myself is what keeps me encouraging them to make this incredible community their home,” says Real Estate General Manager Laura Morgan. “Where else can you find a beer garden with live music, an independent bookstore, fantastic food and truly genuine people in a beautiful country setting, all within walking distance of your front door?”