The Gardens

In 1980 when the Fearrington House Restaurant opened, Jenny began designing and installing our gardens by planting hundreds of daffodils behind the restaurant. What you see today is Jenny’s legacy. The gardens are an integral part of the life at Fearrington, and it all began with a dream. The grounds include about 60 garden beds connected by brick pathways and lawns, an herb garden used by the chefs at The Fearrington House Restaurant, raised cutting beds for use in floral designs, a culinary garden and several greenhouses. Today, Fearrington Village is a certified Bird Friendly Habitat by the New Hope Audubon Society. Migratory and resident birds bring life and movement to the many lovely garden spaces.

Fearrington Village is open to visitors seven days a week, year round. Visitors are welcome to stroll through our gardens. Feel free to ask questions or just say hi to our gardeners, marked by their colorful Fearrington Gardens shirts. Please note however that sites may be closed for private events especially on weekends.

Explore the  gardens

Audubon Certified

Fitch Creations, Inc. is proud to share Fearrington Village has been a certified Bird Friendly Habitat by the New Hope Audubon Society since 2015.


The New Hope Audubon Society noted that Fearrington has installed native plants wherever possible, numerous bird-houses for bluebirds, brown-headed nuthatches, screech owls, and barn owls, as well as pollinator gardens using native host and nectar plants. Additionally, Fearrington established pond and water features, providing many different safe havens for our feathery friends.

Our Bee Program

In 2013, Fearrington Village’s honey bee program began with five local bee hives, and the simple goal of producing nectar flow the following year. Fearrington’s hives are part of a collective effort, but a simple one. We aim to restore and focus on the health of the land in order for the bees to thrive.