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Shopping for a home can be overwhelming. At Fearrington Village, The Fitch Creations Real Estate Team is prepared to take some of the stress off of the process and help you find a home that meets all of your expectations. Start looking for your dream home in Fearrington Village today!

Custom Homes

Would you rather build your own home to your liking? Our team knows exactly what to expect and can walk you through the home building process from start to finish. At Fearrington Village, you’re sure to find the homesite of your future dream home.

Fitch Creations, Inc.

Fearrington’s exclusive builder & developer

“My wife and I grew up in small towns in North Carolina,” says R.B. “When we had the possibility of building our own country village, we thought it would be a nice, lifelong adventure.” Fitch Creations, Inc. continues to be Fearrington’s exclusive builder and developer, creating custom homes that compliment the homesites, neighborhoods and terrain.

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Our team is ready to help you find your forever home.
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The Fitch Creations Real Estate Sales Team is the only on-site real estate agency in Fearrington Village. We have been building, selling, and working in The Village for nearly 50 years. We know the houses and the neighborhoods best. When you buy or build in Fearrington you have not just one agent behind you, but a team of professionals that take care of all the details.

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Fearrington Village is more than just a wedding venue or an inn. Behind every corner, there’s something to explore! See homes for sale, restaurants, and village shops. Take a look around and plan your next visit so you can see just how wonderful Fearrington Village is.

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