A display in a store featuring a large black stuffed dog wearing a red collar, standing on a pedestal. Surrounding the dog are various colorful children's books, games, and toys organized on shelves and round tables. The store appears bright and cheerful. Fearrington Village

Sprout Children’s Boutique

Come grow with us!

Our ever-popular children’s corner in Dovecote Style has blossomed into a magical new shop for wee ones called “Sprout.” Located in the same courtyard as Nest and Dovecote Style, Sprout is focused on the tender years from newborn to around 4 years and is chock-full of clever ideas for baby gifts from natural skincare to organic layettes and whimsical teethers, unique apparel, room decor, books, games, and imaginative dress-up fun.

Ever-changing, Sprout is always an adventure. Charming complimentary gift wrap and lots of great places to stroll. Come grow with us! Stay up-to-date on what’s new in-store, upcoming events, and more by following our shops on Facebook and Instagram!

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A small, vintage, red toy truck with chipped paint holds several plush bunny toys in its bed. The truck is elevated on a metal stand and displayed indoors against a light-colored background. Fearrington Village



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  • Call Us: 919.542.5505
  • Sprout Hours: WEDS - SUN, 12-5PM