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Saint James

New arrival alert! Here at Dovecote, we’ve just received our first shipment of Saint James, an authentic French knitwear brand that we just LOVE. First, a history lesson:

The village of Saint James was established in 1160(!) by William the Conqueror(!!), near the island of Mont St. Michel. If you’re familiar with the island, you’re familiar with its population of sheep, so a knitwear company is, of course, a natural step.

With the 18th century came the birth of the fisherman sweater and the instantly recognizable Breton stripe became the official uniform of the French Navy. In 1889, Saint James added mills and an official business was born.

From the 1950’s to ’70’s, the Bonte family created classic sweaters and cardigans, all in French nautical style. In 1980, they expanded to the international market. In the 1990’s, they start making shirts and pants, still inspired by the past and the sea. Nowadays, Saint James is available in local boutiques around the world, but that traditional Breton style still shines through. When you try on a tunic or dress, you can almost catch of a whiff of salty air.

We have dresses in fabric with built-in UV protection, plus tunics and tops in UV fabric as well as cotton. These are comfortable, classic, traditional yet with a French twist, plus functional and stylish. From a tangerine-colored top to the classic navy and white stripe, we’ve got a color and pattern for every woman this Spring.

Channel your inner French girl and try one on today!