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Rain, Rain…

…go away!

Just when you thought it was April that had all the showers, May comes along with even more!
Lucky for us, Dovecote has just the rain jacket for these stormy days.
From Save the Duck, we have a couple different styles. First, a single breasted trench with thermo-taped seams, a detachable hood, shirt collar, and three layered tech fabric (made from recycled polyester fibers!) to offer impermeability. This is the classic raincoat, especially when offered in canary yellow (though we’re quite fond of their “juice red” color).
Next, a double breasted coat in navy. We only have two of these left in stock! It features a detachable hood and side pockets, plus the material is coated, offering breathability and rain-proofing! This is also from Save the Duck, who we love for their dedication to sustainability and ethical treatment of animals.
Lastly, a more “fashion” rain jacket from Sun Kim. This is more of a windbreaker, really, but still super-necessary and versatile! We love the adjustable waist and hem, which allows for flattering cinching and the colors are neutral and pretty. What an elegant choice!
Come visit us soon at Dovecote to grab your go-to rain jacket! You’re going to need it!