What drew you to want to join Fearrington Village? I moved to Chatham County just shy of ten years ago. I moved here with no job lined up. We had just had our first child and were living with my in-laws. It was a wonderful time to be alive. (🙂) How long have you been part of the team? During my initial job hunt, a sous chef position was posted for the Granary. I eagerly applied but never heard anything back….so eventually I landed a job in carrboro….fast forwarded 5 years and Christina finds a job posting for here (the Goat). Carrboro was a nightmare of 70 hour work weeks. I desperately wanted to work within the community I lived in AND not work like a donkey. So I was thrilled when I got offered the spot here to become a part of this community. It certainly was an improvement to my livelihood and I’ve logged in almost 5 years of service What do you like the most about being part of the team here? We are a good ensemble of humans. I enjoy being a part of it. Everyone appreciates everyone. You feel rewarded for doing your job. It’s a healthy thing. RB is a champion of a leader. It’s all good here. What was your most memorable experience here in Fearrington? I think as long as I work here I will always remember the odd feeling of working here throughout Covid. Coming here to a completely empty parking lot. That odd sense of uncertainty of what was happening in the world. And then, special things began to happen. It was just us chefs, putting our heads together to adapt to what became Take out for Two dinners and also what has evolved in to the store and grab and go. What are your hobbies and interests outside of work? I enjoy playing my guitar on my shady back deck and spending time with my lovely wife and 2 (sometimes) wonderful children.
Meet the Team

Meet the Team!

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