What drew you to Fearrington Village? Initially, was just a better paying job, but it became a lot more than that as I got to know the residents and other folks around the Village, so I guess I stayed for the gratification. How long have you been part of the team? I've been here (minus by brief time away) since September 2015, so nearly 8 years. What do you like the most about being part of the team here? It doesn't feel sterile like a lot of other jobs do - the warmth and connection with the residents and other staff feel like a family. Things can get crazy sometimes, but for the most part it has been cozy and gratifying working and learning here. What was your most memorable experience here in Fearrington? My most memorable experience might be the memorial service I attended for one of our regular bar guests. I have gotten to know Arlin Bartlett, a local, and they would always come to the bar and keep me company. He invited me to the service, which was held on the Terrace, and being part of that was really special. She was the sweetest person ever, and it was really nice that we were able to do that for them and I could be there. What are your hobbies and interests outside of work? My hobbies outside of work include waiting hand and foot on my little golden retriever, Maeve, which is 90% of my life. Otherwise, I enjoy noodling on a guitar or mandolin, and I'm a huge nerd and enjoy story-based games.
Meet the Team

Meet the Team!

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