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TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: improvise, adapt and overcome

If ever there were a time to take a page from the Marine Corps handbook, this would be it. My Dad was a Marine and lived by this mantra far beyond his days in the service…not to mention my mother, who was a master at regrouping and getting on with things. It is this mindset that allows one to deal with physical, mental and spiritual hardship….all of which have been thrown at us the past few weeks.

Between trying to keep ourselves healthy, our pantries stocked, searching Amazon for hand sanitizer, getting kids home from college, worrying about elderly parents and loved ones in assisted living complexes, learning how to work remotely from home, and keeping the bills paid and the wheels turning when the world has come to a screeching halt….well, it is time to improvise and adapt….and we will overcome this!

One of the best things about working for a smaller company is you can move quickly with the ball…. improvising, adapting and overcoming – all by lunchtime! The wheels that keep our shops going round have so many cogs and everything is connected to everything else so while our decision-making process can be complicated, we are adept at workarounds! And more often than not, a better way of doing things is discovered in the process!

While Dovecote, Nest and Sprout are closed the next few weeks, it seemed a shame that the excitement of springtime should cease with with so many beautiful new things in the stores and when we could really use a pick-me-up, so we are moving the shops to a temporary safe haven online while the world regroups. We’ll be perusing the shops and offering a collection of our favorites – the things that spark joy, provide comfort and make us smile. We are fluttering around gathering up some special finds and hope you will check out our new perch and take a peek at what we’re loving. Coming soon!!!

Trust me……retail therapy can soothe the soul!

Safe and healthy nesting to all-

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