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TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: how to shop a sale

Today marks the start of our making-room-for-the-new sale – a biannual event at the end of our Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer seasons when we clean house and begin making room for new arrivals. This was a great season for us in terms of fit and flattering style,  which means there are a lot of winners on these racks if you are lucky enough to find your size: the thrill of the hunt! While everyone loves a bargain, sales racks can be daunting, so I thought I would share a few pointers to help demystify the process.

sequin skirt, sweater, and scarf

Our sequin skirts were my favorite novelty pieces of the season – and the most versatile in terms of styling. I can see this skirt paired with a tee shirt or Frank & Eileen “sweatshirt” and sneakers as we move into Spring – keeping it fun and ultra casual.

his is such a great time to take a risk and explore a new style, or silhouette or color-of-the-moment that caught your eye during the season but you were not willing to take the plunge at full price. For our toothpick skinny jean advocates, why not try a new crop flare? – or if you live in black, explore a flattering color! If your inner fashionista  has been dying to don a sequin skirt with a slouchy cashmere sweater – now is your opportunity! It is a great time to have some fun!

pants, sweater, and scarf

Look for anything in “your color”……

Did you embrace a new color this season and find that you received  a million compliments every time you wore it? This is a perfect time to add a few more pieces to your wardrobe in that color as you may no longer be able to find that exact shade next season.

Because we look to our European vendors for trends years before they make it to the States, it means you are apt to score something way before its  stateside “moment.” For example, the “new green” we spoke of earlier in the season has been on our European radar for several years now, so if you were lucky enough to have landed something green during one of our sales two years ago, it is just now trending in the US. That is a lot of wear for the investment. I have found this to be especially true with the pant silhouettes we  bring in with our European collections – always ahead of their time. (Note: if you see anything high waisted on that sale rack – buy it!)

pants, shirt and scarf

Our gorgeous “Lauren Bacall” high waisted trousers from Italy are also on the radar for FALL20! Perfect time to buy!

Don’t let the statement pieces overshadow the basics on the racks as  this is a perfect time to pick up a great white shirt, replace a pair of black pants or try another denim wash in a jean you enjoyed. I love to have back-up for the core basics in my closet that see a lot of everyday wear.

jeans, shirt and scarf

Who can’t use another great white shirt?! This is a perfect opportunity to restock your staples!

You know that saying, “If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!” When we find a style we love we will  stock it in a range of colors so often our sale affords the opportunity  to buy in multiples. Or pick up a second color in a shoe you already know you love. Sizing availability is hit or miss, but it could be your lucky day!

A second opinion is helpful when venturing out of your comfort zone, so shopping with a friend whose opinion you value can be a plus. Or ask any of us in the shop – we won’t let you walk out with anything that does not look fabulous on you!

So put on your sense of adventure and come explore our “final few” frontier. Trust me….who doesn’t love a great sale score?!

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