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Andrea & Brian

Andrea & Brian just celebrated their 20th anniversary, and we wanted to catch up with them and share their wonderful wedding memories. Read more about their wedding story below!

When was your Fearrington wedding?
September 6, 1997

Why did you choose Fearrington to host your wedding?
We wanted to have an outdoor wedding. We looked around and thought the country setting at the Fearrington would be perfect – we’d been there many times pre-wedding and loved the hotel, food, grounds and overall vibe. Also, since one of us is English, the UK country house feel seemed like it was “meant to be!”

In the preparations for the wedding – you guys did everything and more to meet our requests, including bringing kegs of UK micro-brew beer!

What do you remember most about your wedding day?
Weather was great, the outside marriage ceremony perfect, and the evening party was “over the top” – we had it outside in RB’s garden, festooned with lanterns! Beautiful!

We opted for heavy hors d’oeuvres instead of a sit-down dinner. The food was wonderful and the wait-staff kept bringing around yummy food all night. We had a great local band, Cat Baby, that even learned a special UK song for us, “Ferry across the Mersey,” to go with our UK beer!

The whole event was brilliant – it turned out to be just what we wanted: a great party for our great friends and family!

How often do you return to Fearrington?
We go back at least once a year – around Sept 6th of course! Also we try and sneak back in the summer or winter if we have the time!

Why has Fearrington remained a special place for you and your spouse?

The best thing about Fearrington to us is the timelessness of the place – Fearrington still looks the same and has the same vibe- even though rooms have been upgraded/remodeled and all the latest tech wizardry has been installed. We especially love Jenny’s Garden.

When we stay, we love to sit in the garden, walk around the grounds and lake to see the Beltie’s, enjoy afternoon tea (Earl Grey of course!), and then get ready for a brilliant dinner and a great breakfast the following morning!

Looking back on your wedding, what advice would you give wedding couples today?

A few things:

  • Let go of the reigns – let someone else drive the car! That way you can focus on enjoying yourselves.
  • Have it outside if possible – it makes the whole day more memorable, weather permitting of course. And always have a Plan B!
  • We loved mingling with our guests and dancing – having small amounts of food brought out regularly keeps the party going.
  • Pick a place you can go back to regularly – it keeps the memories alive!
  • Have fun and take lots of pictures!!

This wedding was designed and coordinated by Fearrington’s own Gilda McDaniel. Photography by Marthanna Yater.