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Patrick Radden Keefe's Say Nothing

Weekend Reads: Say Nothing

Bombings, prison escapes, hunger strikes, murder, politics - this spellbinding history of The Troubles has it all.   This is easily the best one-volume treatment of Northwen Ireland between 1968-1998 that I've ever read.   Keefe is a masterly writer who keeps you turning the pages. A brutal story that makes compulsive...

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The Beltie Mystery Prize Finalist: Tim Mason

For all you science phobic readers out there, don’t let the title deter you.   This is a Victorian era pot boiler par excellence that you can’t put done. Someone is killing off prominent supporters of Charles Darwin and his new theory of evolution to stop its malignant spread.   It’s up to Charles Field, a Shakespeare spouting police inspector, to...

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Fearrington Cares is Growing

Fearrington Cares is expanding in 2020! With more space will come more services. This unique non-profit provides extra care for the residents of Fearrington Village and easily lives up to its mission statement of "neighbors helping neighbors navigate the challenges to living well." As more and more residents choose to age in place, Fearrington Cares provides an extra hand to enable those who...

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resident profile jim and lee

Meet Jim and Lee

Jim and Lee Wilson built their home in the Bradford Place neighborhood in 2011. What persuaded you to move to Fearrington? We narrowed our search down to the Chapel Hill area and were impressed with Fearrington Village after our first visit. What about the Bradford Place neighborhood appealed to you when deciding between Fearrington’s neighborhoods? We liked the size and layout of...

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A Little Bourbon and Wellness

The Spa at Fearrington is introducing a new line of body spa products that are infused with Kentucky Bourbon. Our Me Care line offers an authentic Kentucky experience, which provides an intoxicating twist to traditional bath, body and wellness products. This uses simple ingredients that are easily recognized for their natural benefits. Each product is handcrafted in small batches to ensure that...

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Whirlikids Bookfest Featured Picture Book Creator Stacy McAnulty, plus Tinkeractive

The second annual Whirlikids book festival is coming on Saturday, March 7th, 2020 from 10am – 4pm for readers at all levels, but especially for ages 3 and up. Featuring storytime, readings, book signings, panel discussions with authors and illustrators, crafts and more – it’s a day of book fun for all ages! Each week we are featuring a couple of the authors and illustrators that will be...

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Leonard Pitts, Jr.'s The Last Thing You Surrender

Weekend Reads: The Last Thing You Surrender

What you have here is a historical novel that will challenge your perceptions and everyone who reads this will experience it in a different way,   The time span is short - WWII in Mobile, Alabama - but encompasses so much more. It touches on issues so tangential you might ask "why?" until you learn why.   Best of all, it's extremely readable. Don't let the heft...

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The Beltie Mystery Prize Finalist: Jamie Mason

A sneaky good look at the dirty underworld of art where money, and only money, talks and the consequences of that greed.   It starts with a video going viral of a teenager fighting off an assailant in the foyer of her house.   In the corner is a quick peek of a painting on the wall, a long-missing painting that only a few recognize… and it only gets...

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Disappearing Earth by Julia Phillips

Weekend Reads: Disappearing Earth

The disappearance of two young girls in a remote area of Russia sends reverberations throughout the relationships of different women in the region.   These linked stories expose the constraints on women living in this remote land.   You'll be rooting for each of them as the mystery of the girls' kidnapping slowly builds to a...

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dusting windows overlooking a lake


There is nothing more invigorating, revitalizing and inspiring than the promise of a brand new year. While I am not one to make new year’s “resolutions” as such, I am all for mapping out new projects, getting (and staying) organized, adopting better/healthier habits and vowing to stop and smell more roses. We’ll see how the latter goes….but back to the clean slate!\ In the shops...

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