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What’s Cooking: 15 Minute Vegan

After a few too many culinary excesses over the holidays, I snagged a copy of Katy Beskow’s slim, approachable 15 Minute Vegan: Fast, Modern Vegan Cooking. The promise: 100 new recipes that can be made “in mere moments.”

I am in.

I’ve been a vegetarian since my senior year of high school, and have been on the hunt for meatless recipes for a few decades now. My grain-and-two-veg repertoire is in need of an epic overhaul.

I first ran into Beskow on her UK blog Little Miss Meat-Free – I might have imagined myself in Yorkshire taking one of her “Cookery Classes.” Until then, I’ll have to make due with the $22.99 book version in my own kitchen. I hope there’s no dishwashing involved! haha

So I put the book to the test this morning — it’s 11:14 and I haven’t had breakfast yet. *rumble*

Enter: Breakfast Burritos. I just ate one, promise. The elapsed time from prep to plate was 12.5 minutes, although I did feel like a bit like I was on Chopped, stressing about the clock. No matter, I did it for science.

Result: the burrito was super flavorful and way faster than jumping in the car for take-out. Success! (Although there’s still the small matter of the dishes…)

Here are a few other dishes I’ve flagged for hangry times ahead: Almond Butter Morning Cookies;* Smoky Chickpea SoupCrispy Potato RostiSatay NoodlesSquash and Orange Salad with Hazelnuts, Harissa Aubergine Kebabs with Cucumber, Red Onion, and Mint Relish; Vegetable Box Pie with Butter Bean Mash; Salted Chocolate Mousse; Plum and Almond Galette.

Bon appétit!

– Kelley, McIntyre’s Bookseller

*Cookies for breakfast!