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Joy Yascone Elms, The Power of Divine Timing

Sunday, March 24   |   6:00 pm

The secret to success in every endeavor is timing. What Divine Time are you on now? Take a look inside to find out! This is The Power of Divine Timing 2019!

The Power of Divine Timing 2019 is an annual astrological guide and method that helps readers to nurture the correct source at the right time to create desired results based on astrological timing.


You’ve heard the term “have an attitude of gratitude,” but how can you be gracious if you can’t see the blessings, you’re supposed to be grateful for? Indeed, sometimes we have starved the blessings so much, it’s as if they do not exist, or they have simply withered and died. That’s sad; right? Humans tend to naturally feed the wrong source, challenges. You may also know that whatever we feed, whatever we nurture, grows stronger. You hear this time and time again from wise and prophetic teachers: “Live in the moment.” How do you do that when you don’t know what moment you’re in—or where to place your intention and energy? That’s where The Power of Divine Timing 2019 comes in!


This is The Power of Divine Timing ™ 2019—the technique that locates your specific, personal Universal blessings and challenges in real time and simply teaches you how to starve your challenges and to nurture and grow your blessings! The question then becomes: what happens to something that starves? It cannot exist without a source of energy feeding it. So, this, simply put, means you can starve your challenges to death until they have no power to survive and wreak havoc in your life.


For, what she has intrinsically found is that when you focus on the blessings in your life, solutions for life’s challenges can be found there. It’s really quite easy. Each chapter focuses on the planet’s current transits and movements, how they affect each astrological sign from the perspective of Challenges, Blessings, Change, and how to approach your current chart utilizing The Power of Divine Timing Technique™. One should read both their Sun and rising sign. As one gets familiar with this year’s challenges and apparent Universal Blessings, you can start to nurture the right source. As you nurture the correct source, you will notice your life shifting, the challenges diminishing, and the blessings increasing. She has included exercises and suggestions for each of the astrological signs, and transits, to assist in nurturing the right source.


Joy Yascone Elms is a gifted third-generation intuitive, and astrological intuitive, with a Masters in Holistic Health studies. Joy is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and a current resident of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She has coached hundreds of clients to success in career, love, marriage, and business, utilizing her intuitive abilities along with astrological data for precise timing. Joy opened her astrological coaching practice at the Wainwright House in Rye, New York, and founded The Power of Divine Timing ™ to help clients to nurture the correct source at the correct time to manifest desired results! The Power of Divine Timing ™ is a program that aligns one with the divine timing of the Universe to manifest your greatest intentions and desires, from love and marriage and success and prosperity, to health and wellness—all based on astrological timing. Joy also utilizes The Power of Divine Timing technique to help clients achieve successful results for entering into a relationship, for business and personal fulfillment and success.

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