Featured Wines

By Troy Revell

Fearrington House Sommelier Troy Revell stocks his favorite wines for sale by the bottle at The Belted Goat. Join him for tastings and classes!

A collection of red wine bottles displayed on a wooden wine rack. The bottles have a variety of labels featuring different fonts and designs, indicating diverse wine brands and vintages. More wine bottles are visible in the background, organized in rows. Fearrington Village




Clear plastic bags filled with lemon shortbread cookies are neatly displayed on a shelf. Each bag is labeled "Fearrington Village, Lemon Shortbread Cookie" with the Relais & Châteaux logo. Fearrington Village
A variety of olive oil bottles are displayed on a table. The forefront has clear glass bottles with black caps and white labels. The background features ceramic jugs with decorative designs in blue waves and green grass patterns, sealed with red wax. Fearrington Village
Close-up of a breakfast sandwich made with a crusty, slightly toasted bun. The sandwich contains a slice of melted cheese, crispy bacon, and a piece of egg. The background is blurred, focusing attention on the sandwich. Fearrington Village
A well-lit store aisle featuring neatly stocked shelves. The shelves display various products, including jars of pasta sauce, boxes of tea, and packaged snacks. The wooden floor adds a warm touch to the clean, organized retail space. Fearrington Village
A close-up of a ceramic cup with a latte, featuring a slight froth design on top, placed on a matching saucer on a white wooden table. In the background, there is a blurred image of a pastry on a small plate. The scene is bright and inviting. Fearrington Village
Four jars of jam are displayed on a wooden surface. The jar in the foreground is labeled "Peach Jam" and has a light orange color. The jars behind it have a darker content, indicating different flavors. All jars have black lids and similar labels. Fearrington Village