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Fearrington's Gardens

welcoming visitors for over 40 years


Chapel Hill natives R. B. Fitch and his late wife Jenny purchased the Fearrington Farm in 1974. With a gentle hilltop, dotted with wooden farm structures, mature specimen trees, and open pastures the Fitches began crafting a Village Center where guests could relax and enjoy the gorgeous natural landscape, the gardens created by Jenny, and the local birds and other wildlife that inhabited the area.


Jenny making arrangements around 1982

The inspiration of the Fearrington Village Center was the melding of the small North Carolina town centers of R.B. and Jenny’s youth, plus the intimate villages of England they so frequently visited. The dream was to offer such an escape—a destination Village—in the heart of Chatham County, surrounded by manicured public gardens and open spaces.

In 1980 when the Fearrington House Restaurant opened, Jenny began designing and installing our gardens. What you see today is Jenny’s legacy. The gardens are an integral part of the life at Fearrington, and it all began with a dream. The grounds include about 60 garden beds connected by brick pathways, an herb garden used by the chefs at The Fearrington House Restaurant, raised cutting beds for use in floral designs, a culinary garden and several greenhouses. Today, we think Jenny would be pleased to know Fearrington Village is now a certified Bird Friendly Habitat at the highest level by the New Hope Audubon Society. Migratory and resident birds bring life and movement to the many lovely garden spaces.

Fearrington Village is open to visitors seven days a week, year round. Visitors are welcome to stroll through our gardens; please note however that sites may be closed for private events especially on weekends.

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