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Wine Shop

at The Belted Goat

Wine Shop

Wine Bottles at the Belted Goat

The Belted Goat, located in Fearrington Village, is your neighborhood wine shop stocked with carefully chosen selections to be enjoyed any day of the week, helping make your nightly meal or party with friends just a little more special.

Now offering the Beltie Bottle Wine Club monthly wine subscription!

“We have a wide, worldly variety of wines and beers available for all of your beverage needs,” said Fearrington Sommelier Laura Francis. “Our Everyday Section of wines contains items $15 and under, so this is a great place to start if you just want to have a nice “no-fuss” wine with your evening. The remainder of the wines in the shop vary —
from the classic wine growing regions we have all come to love, to the underdog, small areas and producers that are under-appreciated, yet produce some of the best juice for the quality.”

What will you find?

  • Over 150 wines from all over the world
  • A rotating selection of seasonal beers from across the globe with lots of local options
  • New wines arriving every week
  • Complimentary weekly wine tastings Saturdays at 2pm
  • Hand-picked favorites from our in-house sommeliers
  • Regular featured wine and beer specials
  • A seasonal, ever-changing selection of wines available by the bottle and glass
  • Wines from the retail shop can be opened and enjoyed on site with a $10 corkage fee
  • 5% off when you purchase any combination of six bottles of wine
  • 10% off when you purchase any combination of 12 bottles of wine
  • Special order wines (three bottle minimum) and create custom cases
  • Purchase wine for events, such as weddings, celebrations, holidays, in half or full cases for a great price

“The subjects of wine and beer can be as simple or as complex as you would like them to be,” said Laura. “As the consumer, I strive to find the beverages you will most enjoy, whether they be a product you have been drinking your whole adult life, or an extravagantly special wine to try out with friends and family. I find joy in your beverage satisfaction.”

As the Wine Shop continually receives new products, you may find the items you tried last week are no longer on the shelves. If this is the case, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Laura for any special order items at

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