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What Is A Trunk Show, Anyway?

You’ve probably gotten our emails announcing one. You may have picked up a schedule of them in Dovecote. But you may still be wondering what a trunk show really is!

Part of the benefit of shopping at boutiques like ours is our strong relationships with unique designers who offer gorgeous clothing and accessories from around the world. And, while we would love to have their entire lines here at the store, we simply can’t house all there is to offer.

Hence, trunks shows! The term originated in the early 1800’s when traveling salesmen would journey from place to place with their steamer trunks filled with wares. The latest designer fashions would be revealed for the first time at these must-see events whenever they rolled into town.

Today, these very special events allow us to present the full line for you to see and special order on the spot. You have the opportunity to meet the designer or representative to talk firsthand with them about the details of the line, trends they see, how garments fit, and more. And we time our trunk shows to allow you to model the latest trends just in time for the season!

Our spring trunk show lineup includes denim, cashmere, one-of-a-kind felted scarves, pants that promise the perfect fit, geometric knitwear, museum-quality jewelry and much more. Check out the full series here!

– Emma, Dovecote Stylist