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long sleeve clarice shirt in white


I love a great shirt. Whether classically tailored or more on the novel side, the key components for me are perfect fit and fabulous fabric. I maintain an edited stable of white shirts in my closet, and the pieces that carry over from season to season are those that fit the best, flattered the most, felt the most luxurious against my skin, wrinkled the least, and held up through a season of wear and laundering.

I always have a few “special occasion” shirts in my mix, but honestly, I rarely reach for them as my life is way more about practicality. You can look great and still be practical if the fit and fabric are spot on.

I purchased an amazing white shirt over twenty years ago that I still love and wear, and my search for something similar for the shop led me to Hinson Wu in NY when he launched his eponymous collection in the Fall of 2016. Upon discovering he actually designed the very shirt I own and love when he worked for another company, I knew we had just struck gold.

This marks our third season with Hinson, who understands fit and a woman’s shape better than anyone I have ever worked with. He has taken figure “issues” and through his knowledge of pattern-making and the art of proportion, has designed the most flattering silhouettes for every shape. Simple, elegant and beautifully crafted from fabrics selected for their exquisite hand and luxurious texture, Hinson has developed many of his own fabrications to perform like a dream (as in a luxe “Wash, Dry & Go” – no-wrinkle/no iron cotton!) I wore Hinson’s luxe cotton fitted “Clarice” shirt under a cashmere sweater fastened in a seatbelt most of the day while traveling, and upon removing my sweater that evening, not one wrinkle. Remarkable for a cotton that feels this luxurious.

Hinson’s line-up for Fall includes two brilliant versions of a layering piece many of us remember as a “dickey,” for occasions when you want the look of a shirt under a sweater without the added bulk (or warmth for those of us who run “hot” much of the time!) Hinson’s “Emma” sports a beautiful black or white crisp collar on a luxe jersey body, while “Lea” includes a collar and shirttail for a relaxed untucked look as well as additional coverage. Both are must-haves!

It is always an honor to welcome Hinson to Dovecote. Not only is he a fabulous designer, textile master and fitter extraordinaire, he is truly one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Join us today and Saturday as we delight in what he has in store for us this season!

Trust me…’ll love this collection!