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tulip shoes at Dovecote Style


Meet my new best friend: the “Tulip” shoe

metal-studded tulip shoe in blackEvery blue moon, a shoe comes along that simply cannot be improved upon. You know what I am talking about….after the very first wear, you cannot get back to the store fast enough for a spare! I am up to three pairs….and after seeing the spring rainbow of color options that just arrived, it looks like I am still counting! 

tulip shoe in cameliaThis Danish dog-walking, puddle-jumping, errand-running, garden-strolling, child and grandchild-chasing, on-your-feet-all-day gem-of-a-shoe checks every one of my boxes. For someone who stands on their feet all day, the cushioned, flexible sole adds just enough cush making the shoe feel lighter than air and somehow puts a spring in my step. This stylish slip-on “sneaker” is covered with teardrop perforations helping your foot stay cool during hot summer months and I wondered if they would be too cold for winter, but I’ve worn mine straight through and have found them to be seasonless. In addition to being waterproof, they’re made of recycled materials and may be wiped clean with soap and water. Win. Win. Win.

tulip shoe in snow leopardWith “ sneakers” all the rage from a fashion standpoint, I find many styles to be “too much shoe” for my smaller frame when looking for an option to complete a  feminine “longer pleated skirt with a tee look” – but the minimalist styling of this sneaker is the perfect finish in much the same way a ballet flat would be. We have a range of amazing nudes if you are looking for a color to blend with your skin tone and elongate your legs….this  would be one of my must-have colors and a great place to start your collection. In addition to a range of beautiful color options, this season’s offering is sprinkled with some shimmer here and there for added fun.

tulip shoe in goldenrodIf you are looking for chic, comfortable, practical style at its best, trust me……. you are going to love the Tulips this Spring!


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