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early spring

TRUST ME…YOU’LL LOVE THIS: signs of an early spring

butterfly hairclipPunxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow this week….the chickadee singing its summer song outside my studio window today….and the butterflies, beetles, bees and dragonflies that have just landed in Dovecote…. all add up to an early spring in my book! Music to my ears.

butterfly pinsOur extraordinary collection of handmade insect brooches would compel even  the most astute entomologist to take a second look! Inspired by nature and its brilliant colors, complex textures and delicate forms, these hand embroidered designs incorporate  materials like glass beads, sequins, threads and crystals to create organic textures that give a precious, life-like quality to each little masterpiece.

parrot broochStyling ideas
~on a jacket/blazer lapel
~ cluster a few together on a denim jacket
~at the top of a one button cardigan / so French
~on the side of the neck of a simple dress to glam it up
~on the pocket or cuff  to perk up a shirt
~on a collar tip
~center of a buttoned up collar
~on a ribbon around your wrist
~on a hat
~add chic to a simple clutch
~in your hair over a pin

beaded pinsEach brooch passes through the hands of five artisans during the 20 hour crafting process from start to finish. They are very lightweight so they can easily be worn on fine or delicate fabrics without concern. And each comes in its own little  box with interesting details about the insect – perfect for gifting.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, trust me….a stunning handmade honeybee brooch could be such a clever way to say
“Bee Mine!”


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