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Meet Ramesh and Priya

Ramesh Jhurani and Priya Jain have lived in Fearrington since 2016. They enjoy many things about the village, but especially the way nature integrates into the community. Enjoy!

What persuaded you to move to Fearrington?
After living several decades in Southern California, we decided to move to a quieter suburb. During our process of moving from SoCal to NC, we were shown several neighborhoods but the moment we drove through the village, it was a different feeling. Green, tranquil, extensive landscape intercepted with beautiful ranch style homes looked absolutely aesthetic. It transported our mind and soul to serenity and calmness. We both knew this is the place we’re looking for. We looked no further and made our final move in March 2016.

What about the Knolls neighborhood appealed to you when deciding between Fearrington’s neighborhoods?
The Knolls is one of the newest neighborhoods. It has everything to offer we liked about the village – extended landscape, comparatively fewer houses with lots of privacy, plentiful tall trees surrounding the houses naturally, friendly neighbors and yes, my own sister, who lives right across us. We wanted to downsize so it’s just the right size for both of us. Ours was a featured home with an open plan, a large front porch, a good size great room, bedrooms with a view of woods, convenient, naturally well-lit rooms and plenty of storage.

What do you love most about Fearrington?
To quote Lord Byron “There is pleasure in the pathless woods…..I love not Man the less, but Nature more”. We think, the unique feature of Fearrington is it’s perfect amalgamation of personal and social life. Our morning walks make us understand our inter-dependencies with other living things, several clubs within the village stimulate social cohesion. Also, Duke Center for Living, Fearrington Cares and the village center with exclusive stores and eateries complete the village in a true sense. We believe Fearrington grows on you.

What is one of your most fond memories of living in Fearrington?
I was reading somewhere that humans are hard-wired to find nature engrossing and soothing.Here we want to mention a memorable experience. Last year, we experienced, in a true sense, that nature is such a powerful healer. My husband and I, we both had a health scare last year. The nature surrounding us proved to be such a game changer during that rough patch of our life. We find Fearrington very restorative and the effect is real. It contributed immensely to our physical, mental and psychological well-being.

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