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Meet Phyllis & Richard

Phyllis & Richard have been Fearrington residents since 2013. We asked them what they loved most about living at Fearrington – here’s what they shared about their experience.

What persuaded you to move to Fearrington?
We were attracted by the combination of natural beauty of the landscape and lovely residential clusters. Also, the variety of activities that exist and the proximity to Duke Center for Living was very important. We previously lived in the Chapel Hill area and were familiar with Fearrington. We heard many good impressions about Fearrington.

What about the Phase IV neighborhood appealed to you when deciding between Fearrington’s neighborhoods?
The size of the homes was about what we were looking for. The homes were well designed and energy efficient. We met friendly, interesting potential neighbors who had much in common with us at this stage of our lives.

What do you love most about Fearrington?
What we love most is the sense of community in Fearrington; complimented by the quiet natural beauty with open spaces, animals, and easy access to services.

What is one of your fond memories of living at Fearrington?
Phyllis: I watched the birth of a baby goat one day near the bookstore. Watching the reaction of some children who were there as well was just precious!
Richard: My hole-in-one in Oct. 2015 with the Fearrington Golf Club at The Challenge golf course.

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