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Our Favorites from The Laundress

Visiting with Melissa during our most recent trunk show reminded us that we each have our favorites when it comes to The Laundress. And they’re all different!

Vicki swears by the All Purpose Bleach Alternative. You can combine it with the stain solution to make a powerful paste, you can add it to regular detergent to whiten and brighten, plus you can use it around your house (try it in the bathroom to bleach your grout!) Vicki also loves the Whites Detergent because it “actually makes whites white!” (Plus, that scent? Delightful)

Mara loves the sweater comb and stone. The comb de-pills even her finest cashmeres without snagging, and the stone is perfect for chunkier sweaters and coats. Doing this a couple times a season lets cashmere last longer and it will start to pill less and less!

Jeanne doesn’t go anywhere without her Wash and Stain bar! It is gentle, but strong, and usable on any fabrication. The Wash and Stain bar is the best for getting out oil and grease stains; simply work into a lather with water, work into the material, soak, then launder as usual. Stain be gone!

Emma is lost without her sprays. Whether it’s snapping one up for a trip where laundry may not be an option or for keeping at home with her wool and cashmere to keep it fresh and moth-free, she swears by all three; Fabric Fresh, Wool and Cashmere Spray, and Delicate Spray. “Don’t make me choose just one! Each is a lifesaver!”

Diamond is a fan of the Stain Solution, citing its usefulness on a myriad of stains and the fact that it never seems to run out, no matter how much she uses as her favorite qualities in the product. “A little goes a LONG way!”

Pop by to (re)stock on all YOUR favorite products from The Laundress, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite in chatting with our style team. These also make incredible gifts!