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Meet Lani

Lani Chaves moved to the neighborhood in 2016. As an artist, she has found a community that she thrives in, and a home surrounded by woods and within walking distance of the village center shops and restaurants.

What persuaded you to move to Fearrington?
I paint watercolors and Fearrington is home to a vibrant artist enclave. They are truly a generous group of warm and creative people. Since moving here I have been welcomed by both the Fearrington Artists Group and the Chatham Artists Guild. I am actually co-president of the Guild and I find it very rewarding work. My studio is #16 on the Guild’s self-guided Studio Tour. My studio will be open first weekend only – December 7th and 8th. It will be my second time on “the Tour” and I am very excited.

What about the Phase III neighborhood appealed to you when deciding between Fearrington’s neighborhoods?
I was specifically looking for a home I could remodel so when this home, built in 1979, popped up in the historic district, I made an offer the same day. The ranch style home surrounded by woods suits very well me and my dog, there is a delightful park up the street and the Village is within walking distance. And Phase III houses have this magical dappled light architect John Condoret’s clerestory windows allow inside. As an artist, watching light dance around inside the house is very inspiring.

What do you love most about Fearrington?
I love Fearrington’s “in-between-ness.” Fearrington’s at once bold and peaceful pastoral landscape is in between the past and the present. I adore how Fearrington is so sweetly set in between city centers as well. It’s sense of place as “an interval” comforts me daily every time I turn off of bustling 15/501 onto Village Way. I am thrilled everyday to live inside R B Fitch’s dream. And grateful to his family and how hard they work to keep the dream alive for us all!

What is one of your most fond memories of living in Fearrington?
Now the remodel is completed, but I recall being inside this house in the thick of renovation. We had gutted the main part and there were no walls to speak of, just some old plywood attached to old framing. So when I heard swift and loud leafs rustling outside I was immediately drawn to the deck. There I got to witness seven or eight deer racing down, then up, the ravine behind my home. I will never forget that exhilarating moment during the cold silence of winter.

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