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Introducing The Ultra Smart Line

The Spa at Fearrington is proud to introduce the newest and innovative product line from Elemis called Ultra Smart. This experience is the transformative power of intelligent skincare. These ultimate products are clinically proven in  innovative skincare which targets deep set lines and wrinkles and visibly hydrates and plumps the skin for beyond beautiful results within 28 days.

How would these products be useful to your skin? Well, your skin thins as it ages, losing the solid architecture of its youth. Dehydration also ages the skin, because it leads to deep set lines and wrinkles. The Ultra Smart range of uniquely engineered products cleverly mimic the resilient appearance of younger skin.

The newest product in the Ultra Smart line is the Pro Collagen Aqua Infusion Mask. This moisture mask delivers layers of hydration to help protect the skin’s moisture barrier, for a complexion that looks smoother and firmer, for visibly transformative skin. This mask targets multiple signs of aging by delivering a triple level approach to hydration. It uses a blend of three potent algae and Orange African Bulbine to improve the appearance of deep set lines and wrinkles, for a smoother-looking complexion.

The next product to use in your regiment would be the Ultra Smart Serum. A potent line fighting concentrate, formulated with a cocktail of 12 specialized algae that helps to promote, protect and preserve the foundations of resilient skin. This velvety serum features the innovative Ultra Smart Drone Peptide Technology consisting of two peptides, one encapsulated within the other. Utilizing the principles of drone navigation technology, the outer peptide guides the inner peptide to cleverly target specific areas of the skin. Only when it reaches its target site is the encapsulated peptide released. This then supports the skin’s natural production of Hyaluronic Acid and restore the skin’s hydration balance for smoother-looking skin.

Finish your daily regiment with the Ultra Smart Eye Treatment Duo. Double up with two highly intelligent treatments that visibly brighten dark circles and smooth deep set lines, for younger-looking eyes. The Morning Eye Balm, formulated with Ultra Smart Triple Targeted Dermal Complex, helps target the appearance of puffiness, brightens dark circles and tightens for a lifted look. The light texture of the balm creates a seal that layers beautifully under make-up. The Evening Eye Cream melts into the skin with its slow release dermal technology deeply hydrating and plumping the delicate skin around the eyes, for a more youthful look.

Stop in at The Spa at Fearrington to learn more about these products and how the Ultra Smart line can benefit your skin care regiment in less than a month of visibly wonderful results.