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We celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday on March 7th (just before the world and her assisted living complex shut down) inspiring me to pen a post about the importance of “celebrating”…..the monumental, the everyday, the annual and the “just becauses.” While circumstances have left us separated from family and friends, the importance of celebrating has never been greater. In addition to the graduations, weddings, birthdays and holidays that traditionally fill our spring calendars, who knew that “feeling well,” a sunny day or an unexpected letter from an old friend would be reason enough to bake a cake, raise a glass or string up a banner? These past few extraordinary months have given us time to reflect, re-evaluate and remind ourselves about the things that really matter. While it has been a bumpy spring for all of us in my family, we are hanging in there and onto those things that truly matter…… and that is cause for celebration!

Casey Benjamin’s company, JuJu Supply, was born while navigating some rough waters of her own during which she discovered the strength in powering up, powering on and powering through with a positive focus.

I met Casey during my search for a beautiful and understated jewelry collection with sentiment at its core; one that could be highly personalized, packed with meaning, and would serve as a reminder of something of importance to the wearer…. a perfect gift idea for so many of our spring celebrations.

Casey’s concept is a simple one: pick a neck chain and create a “jangle” of “good luck” charms that represents a snapshot of the things in life that have your attention and could use a bit of good juju. (“good juju” is good luck stemming from a juju object, or the positive vibe, aura or sensation emanating from a person, place or thing) Start with one or several charms….keep adding….and subtracting – as life changes.good juju charms at dovecote

Casey’s unique charms are at the core of this collection and what set it apart. Centered on health and well-being for the mind and body, she groups by “intention” so each charm falls under an umbrella of calm, healing, love, prosperity, protection, renewal, strength, balance, acceptance, self expression or basic good juju.

good juju charms at dovecoteThe healing milagros are so clever – legs, arms, spines, ovaries, breasts, lungs, etc – a great way to focus positive energy where it’s needed. (e.g. my mother is dealing with memory issues, so the brain milagro would be a must for her jangle) Casey’s charms are elegant and understated, and collectively form beautiful little works of wearable art.

We had scheduled Casey to join us for an event in the shop with spring celebrations in mind – thinking her necklaces would be such a heartfelt gift for your mother, sister, grandmother, friend, a mother-to-be, a new bride, recent graduate, anyone starting a new life, adventure or journey, fighting a battle or just in need of a bit of good luck – and while our plans (as well as graduations, Mother’s Day, birthdays, etc) have been put on hold, a celebratory token from afar might be a perfect affirmation of our connection to one another. As I reflect on the three generations of women in my family photograph, I am picturing what each person’s jangle might look like, and while varied, I see an onyx heart for strength as each centerpiece. How lucky I am to be a part of this team…lots of good juju!

Trust me…..publicly or privately/big issues or small, it seems we are always powering through something on a wing and a prayer….and who couldn’t benefit from a little good juju about now?!


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