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Fearrington's Folk Art Show
folk art missionary mary
Fearrington's Folk Art Show
Fearrington's Folk Art Show
folk art hamidou
folk art chub hubbard
folk art danny doughty
folk art mark may
Fearrington's Folk Art Show
Jackie Haliburton at Fearrington's Folk Art show
Peter Loose at Fearrington's Folk Art show
Cap Man
Charlie Frye at Fearrington's Folk Art Show
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Fearrington's Folk Art Show

Saturday, February 22 - Sunday, February 23, 2020

Fearrington's Folk Art Show

Thanks for coming to the 2020 show! Save the date for next year’s show: Saturday & Sunday, February 20th & 21st with collector’s preview event on Friday the 19th.

Our annual Folk Art Show features the work of self-taught artists who are deeply influenced by the spirit of folk art, raw vision, naïve art, primitivism and outsider art. You’ll see whimsical paintings, sculptures, pottery and all sorts of work to get your imagination flowing. Fearrington has garnered a reputation for bringing together an eclectic group of outsider artists who represent some of the most interesting work to be found in the folk art world. We hope you’ll experience it for yourself! All sales proceeds benefit the artists directly. Fearrington takes no commission from the artists, nor does Fearrington charge a booth fee to the artists selected for the show. The show is open 10am-5pm Saturday and Sunday. Entry is $5 (cash only) at the door.

Check out the show a bit early by joining us for the Collector’s Preview on Friday night from 7-9pm. Buy art, have conversations with the artists about their work, and enjoy a drink and light hors d’oeurves. It’s a great way to welcome the start of one of our favorite weekends of the year. Tickets are $45 per person and include entry for the whole weekend (because only one evening isn’t nearly enough).

2020 Artists

  • Chris Beck
  • Athlone Clark*
  • Josh Cote’
  • Odd Creatcher*
  • Danny Doughty
  • James Floyd
  • Riley Foster
  • Charlie Frye
  • Susan Frye
  • Theresa Gloster
  • Thomas Graham
  • Jackie Haliburton
  • Michele Humphrey
  • Cap Man
  • Bailey Jack
  • Cracker Jack Art Supply*
  • Crystal King
  • Tim & Lisa Kluttz
  • Amy Lansburg
  • CM & Grace Laster
  • Eric Legge
  • Peter Loose
  • Jennifer May
  • Mark May
  • Fiva McCandless*
  • Brian Mergenthaler
  • Miz Thang*
  • Lee Neary
  • Lara O’Keefe
  • Missionary Mary Proctor
  • Cher Shaffer
  • Hamidou Sissoko
  • Danette Sperry*
  • John Sperry
  • Tom Steck

*new or returning artist
This list is subject to change.
For more information about the show, email