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Planning for your first visit with your floral designer

We asked Fearrington Village’s Principal Floral Designer Jenna Armstrong what every bride should think about before their first meeting with your floral designer, and she had these great suggestions. Things to know before you go…

  1. Spend some time figuring out what you like, and more importantly, don’t like. Even if you don’t have a clear vision or design plan for your wedding yet, it’s easier to get there if we can weed out all the things that are definite NO’s.
  2. Collect samples or swatches of everything you can – bridesmaids dresses, your own dress, and any stationary. Consistency is so important when it comes to design, and we love to keep everything as cohesive as possible.
  3. Social media stalk your floral designer and other floral designers. Seriously – take a deep dive into the internet and look at as much as you can to figure out which styles ring truest to you.
  4. Mood boards will be you and your designers best friend in this process. Start one a head of time to present at your first meeting. It doesn’t have to have any rhyme or reason yet, just collect images of everything you think represents you. Then, we can easily help figure out which aspects to pull together to create something beautiful and balanced.
  5. Be open. It’s totally justified to want your wedding to be as you’ve always dreamed. But, floral designers tend to see things from a different perspective and usually know how to take something from being pretty to being breathtaking. Sometimes just letting your designer do their thing is the best approach to planning!
  6. Have a rough budget for florals decided ahead of time. It’s much easier for both you and your designer if that conversation is had early on. Your designer can then plan according to that initially, eliminating the need for tons of edits and follow up proposals.

Planning your wedding involves so many decisions! We hope this intro to planning your floral design helps give you some clarity and insight (and possibly some inspiration!) into the process. See more of our weddings, floral designs, and sweet moments from our weddings on instagram, or read up on Real Fearrington Weddings here.