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Fearrington Cares is Growing

Fearrington Cares is expanding in 2020! With more space will come more services.

This unique non-profit provides extra care for the residents of Fearrington Village and easily lives up to its mission statement of “neighbors helping neighbors navigate the challenges to living well.” As more and more residents choose to age in place, Fearrington Cares provides an extra hand to enable those who live here to better deal with life’s rudimentary medical concerns and minor home inconveniences. The part-time registered nurse offers services ranging from first aid to medical equipment loans, and the hundreds of volunteers facilitate transportation to doctor’s appointments and minor house repairs such as changing light bulbs and fire detector maintenance.

In late 2019 the original building began a major expansion in order to offer more services in the coming years. As a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, Fearrington Cares welcomes donations, but doesn’t require them. Oftentimes when one visualizes a living community it is the houses front and center, Fearrington Cares is the heart behind the scenes that make the houses, homes.

One of the things we hear time and time again is that Fearrington Village is special because of our community, and Fearrington Cares exemplifies that spirit!

~Nathalie Condoret, Fearrington Village Real Estate Broker