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I have just returned from a week at market where each season I devote an entire day to weeding through rows and rows of artificial vegetation in search of flowers and foliage that would leave Mother Nature wondering if they are real….or faux. “Artificial flowers” (as they were called when I was a child) have come a long way in 60 years, and believe it or not, the plastic flower concept of old is somewhat new again as the latest “real touch” flowers have surpassed the silk generation and are now expertly crafted of rubber and often recycled plastic – and are sure to fool the most discerning eye.

faux flowersWhile fresh flowers from my garden (or someone else’s) will always be preferred, they are not always available or practical for the application, and a perfectly executed imposter may be the next best thing. Because I am a gardener, my “faux” standards are exceedingly high since I am looking to the garden for guidance. I search for stems that truly mimic their real counterparts and if  the flower doesn’t actually grow in a color sampled in a showroom, it doesn’t make the cut. In other words, don’t expect to see blue daffodils in Nest! 

faux flowersWe are also mindful of the season and make every effort to offer plant material at the appropriate time and stage of growth to ensure the arrangements and pots in your house are “convincing.” Spring deliveries are  arriving  and Nest is blooming with tulips, hyacinths, paperwhites, snowdrops and branches of quince, forsythia, cherry and peach blossoms. All of these selections are what you would expect to see in the landscape or floral market this time of year – so no one is apt to question whether the pot of tulips on your dining table is real or faux. All that matters is it looks fresh and appetizing! 

faux flowersWe have lots of trade secrets to share when it comes to making the most out of your stems. I live in the mountains where we have access to greenery throughout the year, but our growing season for flowers is short and limited, so I will often create a base of interesting greens from my yard in the urns on my mantel and enhance/supplement  with seasonal faux blooms for color and interest. Or maybe you have an arrangement of real flowers  but it is lacking height. Add a few tall faux budding branches and all of a sudden your centerpiece went from pretty to spectacular! Windowless powder rooms are always a challenge when it comes to keeping anything alive, and it is amazing how a small faux herb topiary or orchid adds life and charm to an otherwise mundane space. 

A scented diffuser in a space where you are using faux stems can also be effective as one subconsciously associates the scent with the blossoms. (Btw- I discovered the most fabulous diffusers from Italy that are going to be perfect for spring and summer. Can’t wait to get them in the shop!) 

faux flowersWhen we first opened Nest, we filled a garden stand with potted “faux” blooming bulbs in one of our displays, and I remember a gentleman picking up a pot of hyacinths and remarking they were not as aromatic as he remembered them being. He was astounded when we shared they were imposters. I could not have asked for a more satisfying nod to our floral offering! 

Stop by the shop and check out our latest garden varieties! Trust me…our blooms are a breath of springtime    faux real!


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