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Fearrington's Farmers' Market

Fresh, local produce since 1991

Farmers’ Market

Fresh Strawberrys from Fearrington Village

The Fearrington Farmers’ Market began in 1991 when a group of Fearrington Village residents together with Jenny and R B. Fitch contacted local farmers through the Seeds of Hope Project.  The Fitch family envisioned the Fearrington Village Center as a place for farmers and consumers to meet — offering an attractive outlet for farmers and a source for fresh, high quality, locally-grown produce, plants, meats, baked goods, and home-canned goods for consumers.

As a “producer-only” market (meaning that the products are grown or baked or tended or preserved by the farms who bring them to market),  the Fearrington Farmers’ Market benefits everyone involved.  It supports small local growers, ranchers, and bakers by providing a direct outlet for their products.  It encourages sustainable farming practices which preserves and enhances the quality of the soil.  It helps the local economy.  And it brings high quality products to consumers at a reasonable price.

Located next door to the Fitch Creation’s Administration building every Tuesday afternoon at 4pm, April through November. If you’d like to know what will be available from week to week, sign up for the Farmers’ Market’s weekly newsletter. Can’t wait to see you there!