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Wine and Food Pairing: Comparing and Contrasting Different Styles of Chardonnay

March 7, 2019   |   6:00 pm

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Price: $75


The Cottage

As a sommelier, one of my tasks in the restaurant is to do wine and food pairing for our guests. It explores different styles and types of wines that can enhance the flavors of the dishes and perhaps even transport our guests’ to far-flung places where the wines are made. What makes a creamy, ripe style of Chardonnay an excellent pairing for a particular dish, but a leaner one is overwhelmed?

As a varietal that has been called ‘the winemaker’s grape,’ Chardonnay is the perfect example of how winemaking influences the resulting flavors of the final product. This class will explore the different styles of Chardonnay from all over the world that highlight winemaking techniques and how these contribute to how it interacts with your food. The session will include three small plates as well as the a flight of 6 wines.

Seats are at $75 per person.