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Steve Peha, Memoir and Family History Writing Workshop

Saturday, June 15   |   2:00 pm

FREE Extend the celebration of National Family History Day with this FREE memoir and family history writing workshop led by local author and writer Steve Peha.

In this 90-minute FREE introduction to writing a life, we’ll all craft vivid scenes from valuable experiences in a way that will surprise and inspire us as we get a glimpse of the potential in memoir, biography, family history, and creative nonfiction personal experience essays. “We live storied lives,” Steve says. “Our days stretch out in sequence; our minds record the memories. It’s normal to think of ourselves as ordinary people with ordinary experiences. But exactly the opposite is true. We are all, in our way, extraordinary human beings, unique and uniquely qualified to bring our own special brand of lifelong wisdom to the world. Writing shows us the individuality of our experience, the value of our insight, that special way we all have of looking at life that contributes to the way others look at theirs. Someone famous once said, ‘Life is a banquet!’ Live it up. Write it down. Feast on it forever.”

Steve is also a Certified Story Grid Editor. The Story Grid approach makes writing great books easier than you’ve ever imagined. At any time before or after the workshop, Steve will be happy to sit down with you for a few hours—FREE of charge—to assist you in getting a new book started or a book you’re working on moving toward the finish line. Steve also runs a publishing company and knows a lot about the publishing industry. He’d also be happy to guide you through any of the many publication opportunities available today. “I love writing and I love helping others write,” says Steve. But there’s an extra-special satisfaction I take from helping people get their work published. There’s something truly magical for me when my own books come back beautifully designed and ready for shelving. I think I enjoy even more seeing the people I work with holding a copy of their own book in their hands. Every one of us deserves to have that experience at least once in our lives. To me, there’s nothing like it in the world.”

If you have any questions about this workshop, or any questions about writing at all, email Steve at stevepeha@gmail.com.