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Steve Peha Free Workshop, The Five Facts of Fiction: A Fast, Fun, and Fantastically Creative Way to Write a Novel

Sunday, September 15   |   2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

We live storied lives. Our days stretch out in sequence. Our minds record the movie. We author our existence as we live it. We have to. It’s part of being human. This is why we all have stories to tell.

We tell stories for many reasons. But one reason matters more than all the others: stories help us understand the way the world works and the way we work within it.

What do we need to understand, then, in order to tell great stories? We need the facts!

Specifically, we need The Five Facts of Fiction.

Suitable for writers of all ages, abilities, and degrees of experience, this free hands-on 90-minute workshop will open up a world of creative resourcefulness to all who attend. Steve Peha will guide you in sketching out a novel, while he sketches one, too. Right in front of you—and ideally with your help!

We all have stories to tell. And the world needs them today more than ever. But many of us grow up with the idea that writing stories is simply not something we’re going to do—or at least not do well. This idea that we can’t write stories well is wrong. And that’s a fact. It’s five facts, actually. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this workshop.