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Crime Scene – Mystery Bookfest

Crime Scene – Mystery Bookfest

Saturday, February 8   |   10:00 am - 6:00 pm

McIntyre’s Books presents Crime Scene, our first annual Mystery Bookfest on Saturday, February 8th, 2020.

Featuring readings, book signings, panel discussions with authors and insiders across all genres including thriller, mystery, and true crime. Events will take place all day in both the bookstore and the Fearrington Barn, and are free and open to the public.

Crime Scene will culminate in the announcement of Pete Mock’s third annual Beltie Mystery Prize grand prize winner.

The lineup is coming together! Stay tuned for more details.

In the bookstore:
Brooklyn, Bargains, and Books
Moderator: Molly Weston
Panelists: Triss Stein, Sherry Harris, and Ellery Adams
(short description to come)

Thrills & Chills: Writing (and Selling) Books that Scare Readers
Moderator: Jenny Milchman (author)
Panelists: Carla Buckley (author), Juliet Grames (author, Assoc. Publisher SOHO Books), Paula Munier (author, agent)
This panel is for those interested in the business of books, are writing a book, or just thinking of trying. Running the gamut from start to finish you will not find a better group to explain the pitfalls, frustrations, as well as the many positives that come from crafting a book.

Raising the Dead
Moderator: Pete Mock
Panelists: Lee Goldberg, Dave Robert, Paul Oliver
Ostensibly, this panel is about Ralph Dennis, a 70’s pulp author who influenced so many yet who has been long forgotten, and his NC/Chapel Hill connection. But it is also about those publishers who don’t forget and try to keep reputations alive.

In the barn:
Let’s Take a Trip! Or, as Dr. Seuss Once Said, “Oh, the places you’ll go…”
Moderator: Carla Buckley
Panelists: Ed Lin, Sara Johnson, Tim Mason
Follow moderator Carla Buckley as she allows our panelists to take her to foreign lands and distant times.

Twisty, Dark, and Heroic: Who’s Who?
Moderator: Talia Sherer
Panelists: Jaime Mason, William Boyle, Gregg Hurwitz
The intrepid Talia Sherer (full time mystery fanatic, part time Macmillan Publishers rep) will fire question after rapid-fire question at our panelists and you, the audience, will decide who among them is twisty, dark, and (or) heroic. And, really, are any of them actually telling the truth. Fun will be had. Prizes might won. Bawahahaha (that’s supposed to be an evil laugh).

Why Shan’t the Twain Ever Meet? The Various Ways Justice Can Be Achieved.
Moderator: Jo Perry
Panelists: Tim Maleeny, S.J. Rozan, Martin Clark
Each author has a different way of making sure that good wins out and justice is served. Find out how and why.

The awarding of the 3rd annual Beltie Prize for Best Mystery followed by keynote speaker, Thomas Perry, Edgar award winner and one of Pete’s all time favorite authors.

Here’s who’s coming so far…pretty killer, huh?

  • Ellery Adams
  • William Boyle*
  • Carla Buckley
  • Martin Clark*
  • Jamie Mason*
  • Lee Goldberg
  • Juliet Grames
  • Sherry Harris
  • Gregg Hurwitz
  • Sara Johnson
  • Ed Lin
  • Tim Mason
  • Jenny Milchman
  • Tim Maleeny
  • Paul Munier
  • Jo Perry
  • Thomas Perry
  • Eryk Pruitt
  • S.J. Rozan*
  • Triss Stein

* Beltie Prize finalist

A ticketed meet and greet Killer Cocktail will precede Crime Scene on Friday, February 7th. Get your tickets!

Contact the bookstore with any questions at 919.542.3030.