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A KonMari Workshop with Holly Bourne

March 10, 2019   |   3:00 pm

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The Cottage

You deserve to live in an environment that is calm, peaceful, and clutter free.
Join us for an afternoon learning KonMari, the Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. Based on the values of joy, mindfulness, and gratitude, KonMari is a simple yet powerful approach to resolving clutter, one category at a time. Marie Kondo, the creator of the KonMari Method, is the bestselling author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Marie recognized that the common approach of decluttering room-by-room or little by little almost always resulted in relapse back into old habits. The KonMari method focuses on sorting and discarding by category, and by using the principle of determining what to keep based on whether it “sparks joy.”

In this workshop, you will learn the basic principles of KonMari, and how to apply them in your home and life. You will learn how to:
· Create a vision statement for your home and your ideal lifestyle
· Discover if KonMari is right for you, gauge your readiness for change
· Practice recognizing when something you own “sparks joy”
· Learn the signature KonMari folding method, with time to practice

The workshop will be held in The Cottage, our brand new creative studio space. It includes a copy of Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Workshop leader Holly Bourne is North Carolina’s first Certified KonMari Consultant. Her passion is to empower people to lead joyful lives by creating order in their home. With years of experience in both the corporate world and as a busy mom, Holly understands the need for keeping a home that is beautiful and functions with ease. She is deeply committed to supporting her clients through the transformative process of creating simple, joyful spaces.