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Clean and dirty drinking with moscow mulesNow that the weather has taken a more reasonable turn, it’s got us thinking about long nights on the patio with a drink in hand, March Madness, barbeques, and pool parties. Having people over or heading over to a friend’s house often necessitates some prep. You either need to stock your bar or bring a gift, and we can help you with both.

Our cocktail mixers by Bittermilk, Bitter Housewife, Craft, and Shrub & Co, take your cocktail making skills from good to great. You can whip up Moscow mules for those first hot days of spring. Hot toddies for the last, straggling, cold nights. Gin and tonics for cocktails on the patio. Bloody Marys for sunny brunches. And whisky sours for basketball game nights, win or lose.

When you’re headed to a friend’s house, it’s always nice to bring them a little something. We love the New Yorker puzzles and quiz card decks from Ridley’s Games Rooms for hostess and housewarming gifts.

The Virginia Cocktail Peanuts make the perfect pre-dinner snack. Available in plain salted, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and seasoned, these peanuts are crunchy and totally addictive. Another great snack option are our Bella Cucina dips and dipping crackers. We have so many delicious flavors, you could set up a tasting station for your guests.

As the weather grows nicer and the days longer, let’s make a pact to spend it with the friends and family we love, connecting over the things that truly bring us together: food, laughter, and shared experiences.