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Easton and Nick by the barn

Easton & Nick

Easton and Nick got married on the Garden Terrace then danced the night away with their family and friends in the barn. Read on to hear about their Valentine’s Day engagement and the highlight of their special day.

How did you and your partner meet? We met through work, we didn’t start dating until about 6 months after Nick started at the same company that I had been working for for almost 3 years!
Tell us about the engagement? The engagement was nothing too crazy (perfect for me). We went to dinner last Valentines day in Newport Beach, Ca overlooking the water. We talked about our future together and what we wanted to accomplish as a couple. We decided the next weekend to go ring shopping at the LA Jewelry District where the perfect ring was found at the first store! It also was the perfect fit! We were able to take it home (which we weren’t expecting). After we were finished we went to a little pub in Los Angeles and had a beer before dinner at our favorite Sushi spot in LA. On the 22nd floor Nick asked me to marry him, where of course I said yes! We celebrated with some great sushi and champagne!
What made Fearrington the place for you to say “I do?’ We fell in love with Fearrington before we even knew it was a wedding venue (or what it was!). We came our here to visit a year before our wedding and had pizza one night with the live music! The area was so cute and cozy we just loved it! Fast forward to when we moved here I found Fearrington on wedding wire (not knowing it was same place we went and got pizza). We made the appointment and discovered upon arriving it was the same place we had had pizza a year earlier! After walking the whole grounds this time we just loved it and knew it would be perfect for our smaller, intimate wedding!
Describe the highlight moment of your wedding day. The highlight of our wedding was definitely seeing each for the first time that day. It was nice to get a few moments alone before everyone else came and the event started, to just really appreciate each other and get ready for our big day! It is definitely a little nerve wracking, but having a few moments alone was the calmest thing of the day!
What was the biggest surprise of the day? The biggest surprise for me was when my grandparents who are too old to travel made a special message for Nick and myself and the DJ played it after the toasts! My brother set it up with DJ Randy, and it was the absolute best surprise. Every other family member was able to make my wedding, except my mom’s parents. Having that message played was definitely the most special thing, for Nick and I, and also my mom and her siblings.
What was your biggest surprise about wedding planning? Honestly, the surprise was how easy it was! I still cant believe how perfect everything went, from the planning for 6 months to the way everything came out. I was never ignored by anyone there and the process was so smooth. I cant believe how well EVERYTHING game together from the fireplace during the ceremony, to my bouquet, to the tables. It is amazing how well they Gilda and Jenna got my vision. I don’t think it even looked that good in my mind!
Anything you want to add about your wedding story? Just that it couldn’t have gone better and smoother! Fearrington and their staff will always have a special place in our hearts. They truly made this bride’s dream come true.
Easton and Nick High Five