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Have You Seen My Cat? By: Eric Carle

Early Readers

Watching little ones as they crack the code and become readers is an amazing thing. Finding books to match their still developing skills, while maintaining enthusiasm can be a challenge! When shopping for books for the newest readers in your house, look for these characteristics:

  • Illustrations or photos that closely match the words – Children should be able to identify most unknown words by looking at the picture and the beginning letter.
  • Using the picture is an important beginning reading strategy.
    Predictable, repetitive text – A parent or other reading partner can read aloud the first page or two, highlighting the pattern and then support children as they take off.
  • 1-3 sentences per page – Too much text on a page can be overwhelming and requires a set of skills that beginning readers may not have mastered.

Successful reading practice creates successful, eager readers!
Check out a few titles currently on our shelves that are just right for those new to the reading club.

Have You Seen My Cat? By: Eric Carle
This classic Eric Carle story is about a little boy looking for his cat. Carle’s illustrations make this simple story enticing and includes patterned text that children will want to read again and again.

Gemma & Gus
Part of the Gossie and Friends series, Gemma and Gus is a charming brother/sister story. Gus wants to join his sister exploring and she needs some convincing. Illustrations that are not too busy and limited text on each page make this book accessible to early readers.

– Anna Shartzer