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Daneen’s Notes

It should come as no surprise that many of our extraordinary finds are from Italy – known for their impeccable style, exquisite fabrics, beautiful craftsmanship and superb quality. One of my most favorite pieces this season is this simple boyfriend cardigan with its over-sized beaver flower – absolutely adorable. We bought mostly fur-trimmed vests and sweaters from this designer – and everything from this collection is gorgeous!

Our Panara for Dovecote ultra-soft luxe suede loafers – or should we say “slippers” since that is what they feel like on – have been restocked! This amazing loafer has been in Panara’s collection for 25 years – a classic beauty. We sold out of red in the first two weeks and were happy they had just enough suede left to make us a holiday fill-in!

– Daneen Eaton, Buyer & Merchandising Manager