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Vegetable & Herb Garden

In 2015, Fearrington Village created its own on-site vegetable garden to provide fresh produce for The Fearrington House Restaurant, maintained by Fearrington’s culinary gardener. The products from the garden are harvested daily and lead the direction of the seasonal fine dining menu. In addition to the vegetables being grown, Fearrington has a separate herb garden. The herb garden is a collaboration between our chefs and gardening team.

“More and more people are interested in where their food comes from, how it’s grown and how it gets from the ground to their plate,” said Executive Chef Colin Bedford. “As a chef, we love the interest because it highlights the work that goes into each individual ingredient and then how much overall effort goes into the final product.”

If items are harvested in excess, the extra items are being preserved to be used at a later point. For example, when we produce more cucumbers than are needed for our restaurants, we make housemade pickles! These extra items are used across the Village and are often highlighted as specials at The Goat and Roost.