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Coffee Cocktails

You’ve survived another year of trials and tribulations; allow me to be among those to tell you congratulations, and that you deserve a little break. And coffee, for those who enjoy the pep, is a great accompaniment to any break. When a little liquor is included, things get interesting and, arguably, much more delicious. When done right, spirit and coffee marry into something far greater than the sum of their parts. Whether hot or cold, the coffee cocktail is a force to be reckoned with. Continue reading for a list of the Fearrington House’s favorite coffee filled libations.

  1. Espresso Martini
    This one may be a bit on the nose, but if you’ve never had an espresso martini, National Coffee Day should be the day to check that one off. Made with vodka, freshly brewed espresso and Kahlúa, this one is perfect as an after-dinner pick-me-up. I like to use a little crème de cacao to give it a chocolatey twist when I’m feeling a little sinful.
  2. Café Brasileiro
    A perfect treat for colder weather, this hot coffee cocktail makes use of Brazilian Cachaça, a type of rum unique to Brazil distilled from sugarcane juice. This fruity, candy-like spirit gives another layer of indulgence to this cocktail, which is comprised of coffee, dark chocolate liqueur, burnt sugar syrup, and whipped vanilla pod crème. You can find this one on the House’s bar list, and your bartender will be happy to whip one up for your enjoyment.
  3. Adults Only
    Found on the Fearrington House’s own Signatures list, the Adults Only is a decadent, elegant sipper. It is perfect as a digestif in the lounge by the fire, especially after a dinner prepared by our excellent team of chefs. Available with Fearrington’s blend of either decaffeinated or regular cold brew coffee, the Adults Only is a marriage of crème de cacao, absinthe, orgeat, and cherry brandy with the concentrated cold brew. Best enjoyed with our famous chocolate soufflé, so come in and order both.

Stop by The Fearrington House Restaurant bar to sip one of these decadent drinks this winter! The bar is open Wednesday – Saturday from 4-9pm and Sunday from 4-8pm, with food service beginning at 6pm.

– Watson, Fearrington House Restaurant Bartender