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Cocoa Cocktails

Just a few days before Halloween is a hallowed day free from the commercialized candy bars and candy corns, and focused on what really matters: chocolate. October 28th is National Chocolate Day, a truly hallowed day for those of us who needed an excuse to go ham on some cacao.

It’s no wonder why chocolate has been given a national holiday: chocolate has been a human delicacy for thousands of years. Some Mayan archaeological sites suggest cacao was being prepared for human consumption as early as 1900 BCE. Now, chocolate is prepared in an innumerable amount of ways, and has naturally found a place in cocktails and spirits.

There are creamy, decadent liqueurs like Godiva’s, and there are more spirituous essential ones like crème de cacao. Some cocktails simply shave chocolate over the top, while other include melted chocolate in the recipe. There are many possibilities when it comes to chocolate, and below I’ve listed a few chocolate cocktails that you can try at home or request at The Fearrington House Restaurant bar.

Cacao Old Fashioned:
For a cherry and chocolate take on a tried and true classic, try the Cacao Old Fashioned. In addition to the bourbon or rye whiskey and bitters, some crème de cacao and maraschino liqueur give the drink a more decadent twist, without making it too sweet.

Espresso Martini:
Coffee and dark chocolate make a delicious union in this cocktail, giving it a silken mouthfeel and a frothy top. It looks as decadent as it tastes, too- the garnish is three espresso beans resting over the foam on a bed of shaved chocolate. This triptych of vodka, chocolate and coffee is an entrance to heaven.

Brandy Alexander:
This is a classic cocktail that joins the elegant, rich taste of brandy with the even richer tastes of cream and chocolate. Shaven over the top is nutmeg, which livens up the aromatics of the drink and perfectly compliments the oak, chocolate, and grapes. This frothy, white drink is prefect for cold nights by the fireplace.

– Watson, Fearrington House Restaurant Bartender