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Chelsea and David

Chelsea and David’s Fearrington Wedding

We are so excited share Chelsea and David’s intimate Fearrington wedding today! They tied the knot in the Fearrington Gardens and celebrated with close family and friends on the Garden Terrace. Chelsea shared the story of their engagement, their experience planning a wedding at Fearrington and all the details of their special day, of course. Read the story below!

How did you two meet?
David and I met at Brooklyn Heights in Raleigh, NC – I was celebrating my last night in Raleigh before moving to Miami for a new job. We were introduced by a mutual friend and hit it off right away. Of course, timing was not perfect (is it ever?) but we stayed in touch throughout my time in FL and within a few short months, I’d find myself back in Raleigh.

Little did we know that our journey was just beginning…

Tell us about the engagement?
Honestly, I was completely surprised. David popped the question in the parking lot outside of one of our favorite Greek restaurants, Tavern Agora in Downtown Raleigh. OK – I know what you’re thinking… we met at a bar, got engaged in a parking lot…. Who are these people? Hear me out. We were supposed to be meeting friends for dinner, but when it took David 30 minutes to find a parking spot in an empty lot…I knew something was up. I kept telling him to drop me off out front so I could run in because we were already running super late. He insisted no, no, no – just hold on a sec. Finally – we parked the car, hopped out, and before I knew it the man was on one knee. It took a second to register that this was really happening. There was something so special, and genuine about that moment – shared between just the two us. He reached into the bed of his truck and unveiled a bottle of champagne and a pair of flutes from the cooler (which was usually filled with fishing gear). After collecting myself, we head into the restaurant. We were led upstairs to the roof deck where to my surprise, both of our families are waiting to celebrate with us. At that moment, I absolutely lost it – I was so blown away by how sincerely thoughtful and intentional David, and our families were in orchestrating the events of that night – it was so incredibly special how everything unfolded.

Chelsea and David 2

What made Fearrington the place for you to say “I do?”
We had planned for a fairly small, intimate ceremony with just our wedding parties and immediate family. Fearrington offered everything we envisioned right here in NC – The venue was absolutely perfect. I had gone to view the property several times with my mom, who was instrumental in making everything come together, and was blown away by the florals, the lighting, and the collective dedication of the entire team. There was something so organic and refreshing about everything – I knew this was the place. We had a small, outdoor ceremony in the Willow Oaks garden and later followed with our reception in the Garden Terrace.

Describe the highlight moment of your wedding day.
The whole night was an absolute highlight but for me, the ceremony itself was a dream. Gilda and her team executed on everything perfectly – we barely had to think. Our ceremony was officiated by a very close family friend – and he could not have delivered a more beautiful, and heart felt dedication – It meant the world to us.

Chelsea and David 3

What was the biggest surprise of the day?
Luckily there were no major “surprises” and we can thank Gilda for that! However, I think it’s always overwhelming to take in all of the emotions that come with your wedding day. I was blown away by the generosity, the sincere happiness, and love that surrounded us from beginning to end. The biggest surprise was seeing David’s brother, Banks, waiting for us after the sparkler exit with his fully decorated jeep wrangler ready to take us back to the hotel – To top it off he was wearing my Grandpa’s driving hat that my Dad had given him. It was so touching…

What was your biggest surprise about wedding planning?
Again, Gilda had our back 100% so there were no major surprises. I will admit however, I felt like a fish out of water when considering all the tiniest of details that go into planning an event like a wedding. I ended up gladly taking a back seat and letting the professionals drive. Given my tendency to lean towards type A – I was surprised I was able to let go as much as I did. That is just a true testament to the caliber of the team at Fearrington.

Chelsea and David Fearrington Wedding

Anything you want to add about your wedding story?
Gilda, Jenna and the entire team curated the most amazing celebration that we will never forget. We couldn’t be any happier that we chose the Fearrington.

As a bride, Gilda not only made me feel special the entire time, but she put everyone at ease, taking care of all the details so we did not have to so much as think about what was next. She has a special way with people, and I am so appreciative of not only the competence of her and the Fearrington team, but the compassion she showed to us throughout the entire process. There’s a lot that goes into weddings emotionally, physically, financially – it’s a commitment, and you want to make sure that you have a team of people in your corner that can deliver on all of those things. It takes a village, literally J Everyone took note of how hard the team worked from the second we arrived to the moment we left. Thank you again for all of your time and efforts – it’s a night we will surely never forget.

Thank you for sharing your special day with us, Chelsea!

Design and Planning: Gilda McDaniel of Fearrington Village 
Photography: Aurelia Baca
Hair and Makeup: Brittany Gullotti of Pin & Blush
Wedding Gown: Maggi’s Bridal