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Cocktail, Fearrington Restaurant

Located in the front of The Fearrington House Restaurant, the bar is the perfect spot to enjoy pre-dinner cocktails, or stop by for a glass of wine to enjoy on the porch or strolling the gardens. Discover new seasonal cocktails, twists on classic drinks and more from our bartender!

Spring Has Sprung! Nature’s Bounty & Its Place in the Cocktail

Spring is in full bloom, and its bounty is enjoyed by everyone and everything living under the sun. Since the dawn of Man, we have harvested, prepared, and enjoyed the many gifts Mother Nature bestows. Naturally, alcohol is one of those many things. Too few appreciate where these spirits come from, however, and too many take them for granted. Luckily, dear reader, I am sharing an array of...

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Coffee Cocktails

You’ve survived another year of trials and tribulations; allow me to be among those to tell you congratulations, and that you deserve a little break. And coffee, for those who enjoy the pep, is a great accompaniment to any break. When a little liquor is included, things get interesting and, arguably, much more delicious. When done right, spirit and coffee marry into something far greater than...

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Bubbly Cocktails

You -- whoever is reading this right now -- should start a bubble bath. Not because you smell bad, but because you need to treat yourself. Nobody on this planet Earth is above a bubble bath, and if you haven’t had one recently and don’t think you like them, think again and get in the tub. The new year is young, and regardless of any New Year’s resolutions you may have made, resting...

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Prohibition Era Cocktails

In 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment was made to the Constitution, outlawing the production, import, sale and transport of alcoholic beverages. While families could get by with homebrew and hoarded supplies, businesses like saloons and speakeasies were hit hardest by the new law and those enforcing it. However, despite all the confiscation, arrests and occasional skirmishes, society was allowed the...

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Eggnog-Free Cocktails

Let’s face it - as deliciously decadent as eggnog is, its prevalence during the holidays can make one a bit jaded. However, one of the main ingredients in eggnog lends other cocktails its familiar silky smoothness and richness. We are talking about egg whites, and if you’ve consumed eggnog and lived to tell about it, you’re not afraid of them. Egg whites don’t make the drink taste...

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Top 5 Single Malts

A good scotch helps to make any occasion special, and when it comes to the holidays, it takes a very special whiskey to make a very special time of the year even more meaningful. Whether you’re trying to impress the in-laws, sharing a bottle with friends and family, or treating yourself to a bottle of golden amber, I’m here to give you a few suggestions to help make that dire decision a bit...

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Drink Barrel Proof

The month of November isn’t just about pumpkin spiced everything and Thanksgiving with the family. For many gentlemen, it’s about growing a sweet beard. And many of those gentlemen, bearded or not, face a persistent, existential question: What bourbon do I drink? It’s an important question, and this list is written to lend a hand. Below is a list of whiskeys available at The Fearrington...

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Warm Cocktails

Finally -- our long North Carolina summer has given way to autumn breezes, the smell of fireplaces and the falling of leaves. To imbibers everywhere, this is the sign to swap out the tropical cocktails for heartier, warmer, and spicier cocktails. Spring and summer cocktails are, for the most part, characterized by white liquors, like vodka or white rum. They don’t cut into the fruitiness in...

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A Thanksgiving Cocktail

Looking for the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail? The Fearrington House Restaurant's bartender, Watson, shared a recipe for a Fearrington signature cocktail, the Autumnal K.R. This fall drink is perfect for Thanksgiving feasts at home, or for sipping over Thanksgiving dinner at The Fearrington House Restaurant! Check out the recipe below if you're cooking at home this holiday season, or enjoy it...

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Cocoa Cocktails

Just a few days before Halloween is a hallowed day free from the commercialized candy bars and candy corns, and focused on what really matters: chocolate. October 28th is National Chocolate Day, a truly hallowed day for those of us who needed an excuse to go ham on some cacao. It’s no wonder why chocolate has been given a national holiday: chocolate has been a human delicacy for thousands of...

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