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Fearrington Living

Since 1974, Fearrington has crafted custom homes and developed the natural landscape into diverse neighborhoods within minutes of the amenities of the Village Center. Hear from Fearrington residents on what makes the community special, plus updates from our team on neighborhood projects and more!

Meet Buzz and Martha

Donald (Buzz) Mewhort Jr. and Martha Mewhort are Bushcreek residents since 2017. They shared a bit about what brought them to Fearrington Village and what they like most about living here. What persuaded you to move to Fearrington Village? We had lived in Durham during our undergraduate years and Law School. When we returned to visit we learned about Fearrington Village. We loved the setting...

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Fearrington Cares is Growing

Fearrington Cares is expanding in 2020! With more space will come more services. This unique non-profit provides extra care for the residents of Fearrington Village and easily lives up to its mission statement of "neighbors helping neighbors navigate the challenges to living well." As more and more residents choose to age in place, Fearrington Cares provides an extra hand to enable those who...

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resident profile jim and lee

Meet Jim and Lee

Jim and Lee Wilson built their home in the Bradford Place neighborhood in 2011. What persuaded you to move to Fearrington? We narrowed our search down to the Chapel Hill area and were impressed with Fearrington Village after our first visit. What about the Bradford Place neighborhood appealed to you when deciding between Fearrington’s neighborhoods? We liked the size and layout of...

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Meet Mike and Ann

Mike and Ann Grimmer built their home in the Richmond neighborhood in 2018. Like so many of our residents, they love that they can be surrounded by nature yet close to all the amenities of the village and the greater Triangle area. What persuaded you to move to Fearrington? We've lived in several places throughout our lives and had never found just the right place to spend our retirement...

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Meet Lani

Lani Chaves moved to the neighborhood in 2016. As an artist, she has found a community that she thrives in, and a home surrounded by woods and within walking distance of the village center shops and restaurants. What persuaded you to move to Fearrington? I paint watercolors and Fearrington is home to a vibrant artist enclave. They are truly a generous group of warm and creative people. Since...

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meet janine and frank

Meet Janine and Frank

Janine and Frank have lived in the Camden Park neighborhood in Fearrington Village since just last June. After trying out other places in NC, they found that Fearrington was the perfect fit...and being able to walk to a bookstore is pretty great too! They also expressed something that we hear over and over again from our neighbors. The thing that really makes Fearrington special are the people...

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woman and man posing on couch in their living room

Meet Roz and Kelly

Roz and Kelly Kerins moved to the Millcreek neighborhood in Fearrington Village last year. Learn more about why they chose to build in Fearrington Village. What brought you to Fearrington Village? We were drawn to Fearrington for many reasons. Geographically it was ideal because it is relatively close to the ocean and the mountains, and more importantly it is a very progressive, artistic,...

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the barretts with samantha

Meet Judy, Steve, & Samantha

Judy and Steve, and their adorable turtle named Samantha, have lived in the Whitaker Ridge neighborhood in Fearrington Village since 2007. Steve is a retired psychiatrist who operates consumer-protection Web sites as a public service. Judy is a retired family physician. They shared a bit about how they came to live in Fearrington and why they love it here: Our daughter who lives in Chapel Hill...

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Cynthia and David Fearrington Residents

Meet Cynthia & David

Cynthia and David Hilliard moved to The Woods neighborhood in Fearrington Village in 2017. Read on for more about how Fearrington is a perfect fit for them... Why did you choose Fearrington Village? We were apprehensive about moving from Colorado to NC, until we stumbled across Fearrington Village. As we looked more closely, we realized it met all our needs:  a beautiful pastoral setting, a...

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Meet Fred & Karen

Fred and Karen Schectman moved to the Bush Creek neighborhood in Fearrington Village in 2006. They built a home that is inspired by the nature that surrounds them. What persuaded you to move to Fearrington? Once we retired we knew we wanted to live close to one of our sons and his family who were in Carrboro. We began to look in the Triangle area. Our son took us to Fearrington and we...

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