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From annual on-site events held in The Fearrington Barn or at the Garden Terrace, to local community or worldwide food events, Fearrington's team crafts great food, wine and service for all to enjoy. Read more below about what's happening in and around Fearrington!

fearrington village reopens

Fearrington Village is Reopening!

We are so excited to welcome you back to Fearrington Village! Our real estate office, restaurants, shops, inn and spa begin reopening with revised hours and social distancing protocols in place on June 3rd. Our first and most important concern as we invite guests back is safety and peace of mind. We are implementing the following steps to protect you, our staff, and our community. All of our...

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Weekend Reads: Greenwood

Here's your next great timber story, a novel that incorporates the cynicism of Annie Proulx's Barkskins with the social consciousness of Richard Powers' oh so good The Overstory. In the near future after a fungus has destroyed the forest, Greenwood's arc covers the 20th century and one family who personifies the ecological ruin caused by greed...

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Weekend Reads: Threads of Life

What do Mary Queen of Scots, WWI soldiers and Hmong villagers have in common? Thread - specifically embroidery. In this wonderfully readable history, Clare Hunter tells tales of cloth and thread as subversive items and sewing as healing, political, and powerful. ***** Sarah McIntyre's Books Sheltering in place but still need some good reads from your favorite...

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Weekend Reads: Writers & Lovers

Writers & Lovers is Lily King's most excellent follow up to her breakout novel, Euphoria. Fabulous story and tremendous writing unwind the story of waitress Casey, nascent writer, who is horribly hurt by the death of her mother. Casey is really struggling to get back on track, overcome depression, and putting her self second to the men in her...

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Weekend Reads: Weather

Weather captures the precarity of a personal life as it entwines with the precarity of a national and global crisis. An intimate and emotional book for the strange time we're living through, that is also at its heart about the love and devotion between siblings. ***** Johanna McIntyre's Books

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Weekend Reads: Lost in Shangri-La

A fantastic true story!! I was mesmerized by everything in this real life adventure. An undiscovered people's first encounter with the outside world. A plane crash and the subsequent tale of survival. You can't make this stuff up! *****   Matt McIntyre's Books

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Weekend Reads: Midsummer’s Mayhem

I love, love this book! Mimi is an expert baker who feels "unseen" amongst her siblings. Her summer is going to be so exciting - there is a baking contest at the local café! Mix in a little Midsummer Magic - the recipe for a great story.   Sarah McIntyre's Books

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Weekend Reads: Scrublands

An Aussie reporter, Martin Scarsden, trying to get over a horrifying incident on the Gaza Strip, travels to a small town in the Outback to do a piece on the town one year after its own horrifying incident, a mass murder perpetuated by the local priest. But nothing is as it seems, the townies are guarded, secrets tumble like weeds through the almost deserted town, and...

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Movies (And Other Things) by Shea Serrano

Weekend Reads: Movies (And Other Things)

This is a  great book for the modern era movie buff. Shea Serrano has very eclectic thought patterns, and such an entertaining way of elucidating those thoughts, that you can't help but laugh and get hooked on what he's trying to get across. Here are two chapter titles just to give you a feel; Were the Jurassic Park raptors just misunderstood? Or how about-...

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The Beltie Mystery Prize Finalist: Craig Russell

Czechoslovakia 1935, a Jack the Ripper copycat, a psychologist disciple of Jung, and a secluded sanatorium for the criminally insane are the main ingredients in this compulsively readable story that ends in a twist that would make Linda Blair (The Exorcist) proud. Pete McIntyre's Books PS - This is finalist 8 of 8 for the...

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